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4 August 2022

Written by Chris Carroll – TLC Interiors

The tufted pattern is where the cosiness begins; it dances across the quilt cover.

This winter, there’s three equally delicious ways to make your bedroom a stunner. The question is, which approach are you going to take? Let me show you how to rock a cosy, calm and colourful vibe thanks to some divine new-season releases from Lorraine Lea.


Cosy Bedroom

If you’re keen to lock in a cosy vibe for your bedroom this winter, you need to embrace a quilt cover set like the soothing Alice from Lorraine Lea’s NOOK range. Not only is it easy on the eye, but it delivers a texture explosion in the best way possible.


The tufted pattern is where the cosiness begins; it dances across the quilt cover, pillows and matching euro’s – in a medley of swirls and twirls. But the cosy vibes don’t stop there. The added fringe detail around the edge of this beauty adds even more texture into the mix, making it a winning approach if you love a cosy look.


Don’t forget to pair Alice with Elayna Sheets in White and some Arwen Lamps on your bedside to continue the cosiness across the bedroom.


Calm Bedroom

If you love understated luxury, then you’ll be smitten with the calm bedroom approach, featuring the undeniably rich Elayna Espresso Quilt Cover Set. It doesn’t yell, it whispers, and the message is clear: embrace subtlety this winter and enjoy the sophistication it brings.


The sumptuous colour story here does all the work visually, making your bedroom feel warm and welcoming. But it’s when you touch the fine linen itself that the quality story emerges. Pre-washed and shrunk for your convenience, this Espresso set just gets better with every wash, allowing you to enjoy it for seasons to come.


You don’t need to go crazy with accessories either. Less is more here. Simply add in some Supima Sheets and a few Chester Lamps and you’ll have a calm haven you can escape to.


Colourful Bedroom

If cosy and calm aren’t words you’d use to describe your dream bedroom, then the colourful approach has your name written all over it. This look is all about celebrating bold colour and large-scale pattern, to create a scene that feels more razzle dazzle.


And does it get more razzle dazzle than the impressive Zelda Quilt Cover Set?


Grounded by its black backdrop, this invigorating design is punctuated with splashes of pink, lavender, deep green, oranges and sunny yellows, just to name a few! It’s a true celebration of colour and florals that allows you to pair it with so many accompanying sheet sets combinations.


Try Cotton Sheets in Blush to really turn up the tone, or try some Indigo or Charcoal options if you want to make the look a bit moodier. And when it comes to accessories, you’re just as spoiled for choice. My top picks are Loures and Leon Vases though, to continue the pink vibes across your space.


So which approach are you going to take this winter: Cosy, Calm or Colourful?

Explore the new range here.

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