12 March 2021

Written by Chris Carroll – TLC Interiors

The Australiana design trend has become so popular in homes that it’s now become a major interior design style in its own right.

Earthy, moody and packed with cosiness, it’s the perfect look to execute across a number of spaces inside.

Here are some tips (and must-nab products) to help you nail the look.


Rock rich reds

Rock rich reds such as Lido

Warm tones are finally dominating in homes. And they’re certainly the best place to start if you really want to embrace the Australiana vibe. It’s not vivid, pure colours you’re looking to though. Instead, think moody tones like rich reds and burnt oranges. These colours are sumptuous, perfect for the cooler months, and very reminiscent of the tones you’d see in the Aussie outback.

For an instant injection of rich colour in your bedroom, my top pick is the new Lido Quilt Cover Set. The charcoal and rust tones scream Australiana and the bold geometric design adds instant impact. Pair it with a Meridian Throw in Charcoal and you’re good to go!


Embrace earthy greens

Embrace earthy greens such as Marlow

The Australiana style is inspired by nature, so of course, using green is fully encouraged. The best part: you can explore the entire gamut of greens in the tonal scale. From sage to forest, olive and beyond, most greens will work wonders in your rooms. It’s best you avoid zesty limes though; they read as more tropical. Pair your green tones with crisp white, soft grey and burst of blush for a look that feels soft and serene.

I love that you can embrace traditional releases like Marlow to channel the Australiana style, or look to new drops like the Alyssa Quilt Cover Set or Cotton Sheets in Pistachio.


Pop in some pink

Pop in some pink such as Elayna in Rose

It’s a good idea to make the Australiana vibe your own – have some fun with it! For example, pink might not be the first tone you’d think to include in this style story, but it works a treat in a bedroom or bathroom. Not only does pink play well with green tones, but you can make it feel more grounded by styling it alongside moodier colours like charcoal. It always pays to think outside the box when you’re decorating, so don’t be afraid to push the envelope.

It would be practically criminal not to include the Elayna Quilt Cover Set in Rose to your Australiana bedroom. And when it comes to your bathroom, let Cooper Towels in Avocado and Blush play alongside one another for the ultimate earthy injection.


Let yellows play

Let yellows play such as Allegra

We know that the Australiana style is earthy; rich reds, greens and browns all intermingling. But you can brighten things up a bit by including soft yellows and muddier mustards in smaller decorative moments throughout your space. Look to furnishings like vases, cushions, throws and art to bring just a touch of sunniness to the scene. A less-is-more approach is the way to go here. Let the yellow moments be the happy accents in the room.

How good are Allegra Cushion Covers when you need a sunny dose of yellow in your living room? Pair them with some Serra Vases on tabletops and you’re doing Australiana right.


Material must-haves

Material must-haves

The materials you use in the Australiana style should feel earthy and organic. In furniture, look to darker timbers with a visible grain. Of course, add lots of layers to your living spaces and bedrooms to soften the look. But also ensure the finishes in vases and vessels are matte, not gloss. For the most part, steer clear of shimmer and shine in decor pieces to capture the true essence of the Australiana aesthetic.


Shop online to start rocking the Australiana trend, book an event or see what’s on at Lorraine Lea.

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