1 April 2020

Written by Chris Carroll - TLC Interiors

Sheets can make such a difference to how your bed looks and feels, so it’s pretty important to have a think about which style you want to use at home.

Let’s take a look at the different options on offer to you from Lorraine Lea and help you figure out which is your fave.

premium percale

These are such a popular style of sheet, and with good reason; they’re a great all-rounder option for all seasons and they come in so many colours.

From neutral tones like white, stone, pewter and ecru - all the way up to dazzling purple, teal and coral shades - there really is a colour for every bedroom vibe.

The range of sizes is also a plus, and with matching pillow cases on offer you can create a resolved look for the base of your bed - so everything matches perfectly!

Lorraine Lea’s Premium Percale sheets are super-durable and feature a 250 thread count.

luxury cotton

If you want to evoke a sense of sophistication and really spoil yourself, Lorraine Lea’s Luxury Cotton sheets are your go-to! Not only do they feature an impressive 500 thread count, but they offer superior breathability too.

These sheets are soft and silky to the touch and are another option that’s ideal all year round. An added bonus is the range of interesting colours available; blush, white, indigo, silver, duck egg, and this season’s hottest tone - prune!

These are the sorts of sheets you’ll treasure for years to come, so now is the time to indulge!


There’s nothing better on a winter’s night than climbing into a bed decked out in glorious flannelette sheets. The warmth that this material omits simply can’t be beaten.

The great thing about this material is that it works to retain body heat, so you’re in for a super-cosy night’s sleep. And you can buy them in sets containing a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow cases. So you’ll have all the warmth you need until summer hits.

Lorraine Lea’s Flannelette sheet sets come in colours silver, taupe and blue.

jersey sheets

Last but certainly not least is Lorraine Lea’s range of Jersey sheeting. Also available to purchase as a set, the great thing about the Jersey range is the feel. It’s just like sleeping in your fave t-shirt. Soft, warm and comfortable is what the Jersey sheeting is known for, and it’ll serve you well in both the cold and warm months.

The Jersey sheet sets are available in a few deliciously soothing tones; cappuccino, chambray and grey.


which is right for you?

Now that you know the different sheet options in the Lorraine Lea range, take some time to think about which style suits your bedroom.

Consider not only what it will look like, but how it’s going to feel against your skin. Practicality is also important, so consider how warm you get throughout the night too.

The great thing about the sheets in this range is that you can mix and match them, or grab a few different styles and rotate them on your bed throughout the year. That way, you always get that new-sheet feeling when you jump into bed!

Watch here why I think sheets are the unsung hero in the bedroom. 

Sheets can make such a difference to how you sleep at night

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