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cathy munro, vic

The positive impact my Lorraine Lea career has had on my family is indescribable. My three children have always been my number one priority, but previously, when I worked multiple jobs, it was hard to find the right balance. Now, as an Independent Stylist, I run my own business and am in complete control of when I want to work. I can take a day off or block out an afternoon to attend my kids’ school events and am viable for my family whenever they need me. Succeeding this this career is possible, no matter who you are or where you’ve come from.

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tracy walker, WA

When my marriage broke down, I was left with 3 young kids and a lot of financial stress. I had a mortgage I couldn't afford and just kept getting further into debt. Even though I had a part-time government job, I needed something else to help make ends meet, and that's when I turned to Lorraine Lea. 

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karla Taylor, vic

I've been an Independent Stylist for most of my adult life. When I started this business 25 years ago, I was barely 20-years-old, but even then, could see its potential as a fun side project to supplement my full-time job. It was easy to schedule home styling events around my corporate working hours and busy social life, and I could comfortably hold two or three parties per week and earn an extra $500 to bolster my salary.

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Kiri o'brien, wa

Kiri O'Brien always wanted to be a stay at home mum, but after selling the Florist she had owned and operated for 8 years she realised she missed having a social outlet during the day. The Lorraine Lea opportunity appealed to her because it allowed her 'me' time while also contributing to the family finances. Today, Kiri has built a significant business, that has seen her on company trips to Paris and Singapore, and earning more than she could have as a florist, all while still being able to be home with her children.

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Mandy Hudson, qld

For Mandy Hudson, her decision making has always revolved around what's best for her three kids. Swapping work in the mines for a home business when she became pregnant with her first child, Mandy was familiar with the flexibility her Lorraine Lea business could provide. So, when she began parenting three children on her own, it made perfect sense to take her operation to the next level. Now, with a business that generates sales of more than $1.6 million a year, she encourages everyone to seriously consider a Lorraine Lea career.

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katrina smart, vic

Home decorating is my passion, and I was a Lorraine Lea customer for 18 years before I considered becoming an Independent Stylist. Initially, it was the 40% discount on product that appealed to me, but when my husband took a significant pay cut to start an apprenticeship, the profits from my business became integral in supplementing family finances.

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