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P4KWC 2019 Campaign

Each year, hundreds of Australian children were diagnosed with cancer. Of these, around half will be aged 0 – 4 years old.

Kids’ cancers are very different to adult cancers.

They’re not caused by their lifestyle, so can rarely be predicted or prevented. Kids cancers behave differently in their bodies and react differently to traditional adult treatments. The treatments either don’t work or are too destructive for little bodies to cope with.

That's why kids' cancers need their own special cures.

Lorraine Lea is proud to partner with independent Australian charity, The Kids' Cancer Project.

They are a unique organisation with dedicated focus on bold, cutting-edge scientific research that will eventually unlock the cures desperately needed to fight kids’ cancers. Together, we work towards our shared goal of eradicating childhood cancer once and for all.

We have family and community at our core

As a family business, we have been touched by cancer. We experienced the tragic passing of our co-founder, Peter Ryan, in 1999 when he lost his battle with cancer.

This tragic loss spurred us to establish our charity fund, Party for Kids with Cancer®. This is our way of giving back to our community and helping others who are going through a difficult time.

Over the past 18 years, our national fundraising appeal has donated more than 1.8 million dollars to hospitals that treat kids’ cancers and charities that help the families of children living with cancer.

how can you help?

Our annual Party for Kids with Cancer® fundraising appeal is held each June and is an initiative that inspires community participation and spirit, while raising much-needed funds and awareness for childhood cancer.

Throughout June, Lorraine Lea Independent Stylists can choose to donate a percentage of their Party Profits, while everyone who Hosts a home styling events has the option to donate their Host Credits as a dollar value to the Party for Kids with Cancer® fund. All funds raised are donated to The Kids' Cancer Project, to fund much-needed research to find a cure for childhood cancers.

You can help make a difference in the following ways:

  1. Host a home styling event in June and donate your Host Credits.
  2. Donate at an event or online.
  3. Purchase a PJ Bear at an event in June – either keep it for yourself, or to donate to a child in hospital.

meet PJ Bear

Made with love and in honour of our co-founder, Peter Ryan. PJ Bear is a sentimental favourite and is the mascot. He is available to purchase year-round from the Lorraine Lea range.

We know hospital can be a scary time for a child. During our annual fundraising appeal customers can purchase a soft and cuddly PJ Bear and ask to have him donated on their behalf to a kids’ hospital ward in their state. This way they have a friend by their side, so they never feel alone or afraid during their treatment. A year-round a contribution of $3 is also donated from the sale of every adorable PJ Bear.

PJ Bear was donated to the following hospitals in 2019:

state hospital
ACT Canberra Hospital Foundation
NSW Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick
QLD Children's Hospital Foundation
Sunshine Coast University Hospital
SA Women's and Children's Hospital Adelaide
TAS Royal Hobart Hospital
VIC Monash Children's Hospital
WA Fiona Stanley Hospital

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