If you caught the recent episode of Healthy Homes, you would have seen Dani share her tips when it comes to styling a bedroom and how to get the best sleep possible.

Missed the episode? Watch it now:


Thermal Balancing – bedding that’s out of this world!

Thermal Balancing range

Do you toss and turn, and get uncomfortably hot? Do you throw the covers off (and pull them back on again), or stick a leg out of the bed to cool down?

The reason your body can't slip easily into sleep mode is because it's not at your ideal resting temperature. Finding and maintaining an optimal climate for sleeping can be tricky, but thankfully, there's now a product that can help. Meet your perfect bedroom partner!

The Thermal Balancing range uses space-age technologies, originally designed to protect NASA astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space. Read more...

Premium Percale Sheeting range

the truth about thread count

The 'thread count' relates to the number of yarn per square inch. Given the way everyone raves about it, you'd be forgiven for believing this is the only factor that determines the quality of sheets.

However, there are two other important factors that are often overlooked: the length of the fibre and the way in which it is woven.

Even if a sheet has a high thread count, it can often be inflated by manipulating the sheet-making process with a low-quality thread or construction. Learn more about selecting a quality sheet and our Premium Percale range.


Get the look, as styled by Dani

Want to get your hands on the home styling pieces used by Dani to style up a bedroom? Refresh your room with a summer-inspired colour palette of blues, greens and white.

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