how much can I earn?

Start as an Independent Stylist and progress through our career path for higher income and rewards.

Whether you have a short-term goal of earning some extra cash for a holiday, or you want to replace your full-time income with a career that’s more fun and stress-free, you can achieve it all with us.

It’s your choice! You work at the level that suits your lifestyle and family the best.

With one of the highest party averages in the industry, you’ll be earning approx. $200 – $250* based on our average party.

simply Hold:

2 parties per week – earn $400 to $500
3 parties per week – earn $600 to $750

Our ‘hourly rate’ of our Independent Stylists keeps getting better.

Revolutionary app ordering

With our time-saving MyLinen ordering app for iPad or iPad mini, our Independent Stylists tell us it’s saving them approximately 30% of their time per party, as orders are entered there and then at each party. See our app in action via this video.

Step up to Senior Stylist and earn an additional 5%

By introducing two new Stylists to the business, your Party Profits will increase to 25% plus up to 5% Super Bonus – that’s a potential of 30% per party! Your income is completely up to you – you’re in control of how much time you wish to invest in your business.

We recommend holding at least 2-3 parties per week to build a viable, long-term business, but the choice is yours. Some prefer more, others prefer less. It’s up to you.

* Based on 20% Party Profits and up to 5% Super Bonus depending on your total sales for the month.

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