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All proceeds from our 2018 Party for Kids with Cancer® fundraising appeal will support Australian non-profit organisation, The Kids' Cancer Project.

The Kids' Cancer Project have committed over $1m in the last 4 years to the Zero Childhood Cancer Program. This program is dedicated to finding a cure for the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer.

Each year in Australia, more than 200 children and adolescents will be diagnosed with a high-risk type cancer. That means, a cancer with a less than 30% survival rate. It's these children who will benefit from the Zero Childhood Cancer program.

Every child's cancer is unique, which means they respond differently to anti-cancer treatment. These treatments are harsh on their little bodies, and they can end up suffering just as much from the side-effects of treatment as they suffer from cancer.

Among 80% of children who survive a cancer diagnosis, almost half will continue to suffer as adults from the side-effects of the chemotherapy drugs they've been given.

There has never been a drug developed specifically for childhood cancer.

The Zero Childhood Cancer program will involve the detailed laboratory analysis of each child's unique cancer cells to help identify the drugs most likely to kill their specific cancer. Scientists and doctors will then work collaboratively to deliver a treatment plan that's tailored to suit each child's individual disease.

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program stands to revolutionise the way childhood cancers are treated, and it's an integral step toward curing every child.

This personalised cancer therapy holds an exciting promise of one day pushing childhood survival rates to 100%.

The Kids' Cancer Project together with Lorraine Lea proudly supports Zero Childhood Cancer. This program is led by Children's Cancer Institute, Kids' Cancer Centre and the Sydney Childrens Hospital Network.


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