taya white 3 ways

With the pure simplicity of Taya White, radically different looks can be achieved with a few simple styling techniques. Coloured sheets and pillowcases with an assortment of decorator accessories can seamlessly transform your bedroom into a luxurious suite.

A similar approach can be undertaken with our Taya Charcoal quilt cover design.

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contemporary coral

balance of blues

shades of grey

Taya White with coral accessories Taya White with blue accessories Taya White with grey accessories

Inject serene freshness into the bedroom by mixing and matching shades of coral and white with coral sheets and pillowcases paired with cushion covers from our assorted collections. Capture this season’s geometric trend with a variety of patterned cushions that share the common colour. When layering patterns, the four main elements are: colour, scale, shape and texture.

The solid colour block of Taya White with Ocean Blue sheets is cleverly offset by the use of textured cushions with energetic mismatched patterns. This eclectic mix brings depth, while the introduction of oblong and square shapes add height and interest. Avoid symmetry by using an odd number of cushions and link the prints together with a similar colour theme.

Contrasting shades and patterns can create an elegant and luxurious feel to the bedroom. Strike a balance between light and dark by coupling the white quilt cover with darker sheets, pillowcases and cushion covers. Incorporate a variety of shapes and patterns to add dimension, and finish the look with a dark coloured throw rug across the foot of the bed.


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