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getting luxe in the bedroom

Chris Carroll shows how to create a feeling of luxury at home with Lorraine Lea's premium collection – NOOK

Published 3 Sep 2019

one living room, three ways

Chris Carroll gives us the inside knowledge to style your living room.

Published 15 Nov 2018

bohemian in the bedroom and beyond

Chris Carroll show us how to master the bohemian home styling trend in the bedroom and beyond.

Published 18 Oct 2018

how to mix patterns like a pro

Chris Carroll shares his expert tips on how to mix and match patterns like a pro.

Published 12 Oct 2018

autumn styling

Chris Carroll shares his tips on how to get your home ready for autumn using this seasons most on-trend colours.

Published 12 Oct 2018

finding the quilt of your dreams

Chris Carroll describes the different options available when purchasing a new quilt. Whether you suffer from allergies, asthma or hot flushes, there's something to suit every type of sleeper!

Published 12 Oct 2018

winter style hacks for every room

Chris Carroll shares his top tips on how to make every room in your home cosy and welcoming throughout the winter season. Master the art of using textural pieces and layers to make your home a warm haven.

Published 12 Oct 2018

spring styling

Springs all about paring back the layers from Winter and adding vibrant bursts of energy and tactile features to any room.

Published 4 Sep 2018

your perfect pillow, found

Do you actually know what your sleep style is? Once you know, we will introduce you to your perfect pillow for the best night sleep.

Published 1 Aug 2018

sheets, the unsung hero of the bedroom

It's about time we give them the credit they deserve. Chris Carroll helps choose the best sheets for your space. The secret to good sheets is...

Published 20 Jul 2018

keeping it fresh in the bedroom

Tips on new ways to style your bedroom.

Published 1 Sep 2017

4 ways to rock texture

Chris Carroll demonstrates how to take your style to the next level by mixing and matching textures.

Published 1 Sep 2017

easy ways to ace colour

The best way to create a look you love using your favourite colour.

Published 2 Aug 2017

creating a cosy couch

Decorate your couch to make it a cosy place to curl up.

Published 9 Jun 2017

win at winter styling with these top tips

See how to style a space that makes staying indoors more exciting.

Published 9 Jun 2017

creating a warm and welcoming winter bedroom

See how to create a space you'll want to spend time in this winter.

Published 9 Jun 2017

styling with geometrics by Carly & Leighton

Add sophistication and style to a space with geometric prints.

Published 8 Jun 2017

how to be good in bed

Make your bed a haven of style and comfort with these tips and find out how to get a better night's sleep.

Published 31 May 2017

how to use mint at home

The best way to incorporate one of autumn's top trends, the colour mint, into your home.

Published 30 May 2017

adding texture

How to use texture to take your decorating style to the next level.

Published 13 Feb 2017

timeless styling

How to create a look in your home that won't date.

Published 13 Feb 2017

styling your bathroom with Michael & Carlene

Add warmth and interest to your bathroom with these tips.

Published 14 Nov 2016

aimee's best styling tips

Find out how to lift your styling game with these 5 simple tricks, that will turn bland into brilliant in minutes.

Published 7 Jun 2016

pillow styling with aimee

If your bed is looking lack lustre you may need plenty more pillows. See how simple pillow positioning can add luxury to your bedroom.

Published 7 Jun 2016

aimee's top winter styling tips

Winter doesn't have to be gloomy. See how to create cosy and welcoming spaces that will have you loving staying indoors.

Published 31 May 2016

the effortless way to put on a quilt cover

Avoid the struggle of stuffing a quilt into a quilt cover with this tried and tested 'California Roll' technique.

Published 20 May 2015

how to put on a quilt cover the easy way

Forget fumbling to find the corners of your quilt cover, simply follow these easy steps and you'll have your your bed made in record time.

Published 20 May 2015

how to make neat corners with your bed sheets

Do you use a flat sheet on your bed? Learn how to fold the corners neatly. So quick and easy!

Published 9 Apr 2015

how to fold a fitted sheet

How do you usually store your fitted sheets... rolled up in a ball? Watch this to see how you can NEATLY fold your fitted sheet.

Published 9 Apr 2015

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