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Winter isnt a favourite season for most of us, but it can be (at least when it comes the interior of your home, anyway).

Creating a space that you can escape to and immerse yourself in during the colder months doesnt have to be tricky or expensive. You just need to follow the simple style hacks Im going to share with you in this post. The good news is that I have inspo for (almost) every pocket of your home.

So let me break it down for you and show you how to warm up your humble abode.

Layer your bedroom

The bed is the obvious starting point, and youve got to layer, layer, layer. Fitted and flat sheets in contrasting colours on the bed is where you begin. Then comes the quilt, then a blanket, then a throw on the end of the bed.

This season Im head over heels for grey tones like the ones you see in the Connor, Layla and Laura quilt cover sets. They make it so easy to add in your fave accent colours.

At the head of the bed, you can never have too many pillows. I like to have at least eight, and then some cushions. More is more here, and theyre really going to make the room feel cosy.

Outside of the bed, consider a Malcolm or Faux Cow Hide Rug on the floor. On a cold winters morn, your feet will thank you for it!

Warm Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms generally feel quite hard and cold, which is a welcome feeling in summer, but not so cute when winter arrives. The remedy, for starters, is warmth and texture on your floor.

Consider laying out a Margaret Rug or Cooper Tufted Mats in your favourite colour and then stack some complementary Cooper Towels on your vanity top. Opt for three layers here; a bath towel, hand towel and then face cloth. And simply finish it off with a fragrant bar of soap.

So many people forget about decorating walls in their bathroom, but it can and should be done. You just need to look to outta-the-box artworks like a Carly Wall Hanging to really bring some texture to the space.

Texturise Your Sofa

You may have had a stripped-back sofa in summer, but its time to turn that concept on its head. Winter is all about oodles of throws and cushions on the couch, and there are some varieties that bring instant warmth to the room.

My faves are the new Chester throws, paired with Trentham chunky knits and faux fur cushions. And in case you missed the memo: velvet is amazing in making a living room feel sumptuous and inviting.

A floor lamp with a gorgeous fabric shade, like the Montreal, is a nice addition here too.

Dont Forget the Kitchen and Dining Room!

Im so excited to see chopping and serving boards on offer for the kitchen. Theyre a great way to add some warmth against hard stone and tiles. Try leaning a few against the wall in your kitchen and add some colourful tea towels into the vignette. Half the fun is experimenting, but rest assured it will look texturally amazing!

And when it comes to the dining room, you cant beat the Dobby Check Tablecloth. It comes in so many colours and can be easily paired with the Eve Placements and Runner. What better way is there to cosy up your table top?

Hopefully youve got some ideas and inspo on how you can make winter amazing for your interior. Now all you have to do is purchase your fave products from a home styling party!


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