19 May 2023

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A plush, soft sheet more your style? You may be someone who values comfort and cosiness above all else. Cotton sheets are a popular choice because of their durability, breathability, and overall comfort.

Your bed sheets are more than just a place to rest your head at night – they can actually reveal a lot about your personality, lifestyle and even your health! As individuals we get close and personal with our bedding, particularly our sheets, which are with us every evening in our most vulnerable state; sleep. 

From the material, to the colour, design and pattern; here’s what your sheets may be saying about you:



The type of material you choose for your sheets can say a lot about your preferences and lifestyle.

If you prefer crisp, cool sheets, you may be someone who prefers a minimalist, clean aesthetic. Linen is a great example of a minimalist style, as they will often come in neutral shades and have an understated elegance of a natural fabric. Our Elayna linen is made with finest French Flax linen and adds a deluxe and versatile look to your bedroom.

A plush, soft sheet more your style? You may be someone who values comfort and cosiness above all else. Cotton sheets are a popular choice because of their durability, breathability, and overall comfort. Woven from a blend of cotton and polyester, our Premium Percale sheets offer the comfort and beauty you’ve been striving for, plus they wear better with every wash. Check out our vast range of cotton sheets here.

Did someone say free hugs? If your love language is physical touch, we’ve got the next best thing – our flannelette sheets. Made from only the softest, fluffiest quality brushed cotton, our heavy weight plain-dyed flannelette sheet sets offer that incredibly cosy warmth. Be warned, their cuddly like comfort may cause a few extra sleep-ins!

Or, if you prefer soft, silky sheets, you may be someone who prioritises comfort and indulgence, due to their luxurious feel. Our Supima Sheets have an unmatched, sateen finish featuring a 600 thread count, and are the perfect option for those who enjoy a lavish feel.



How do you select the best colour for your bed sheets? Colour psychology can play a significant role in setting up the right mindset for sleep and mood. Colours can have the capacity to impact what we do and how we think. It’s important to select a shade that will best set you up for success not only in the bedroom, but for the day ahead.


Above any other colour on the spectrum, red catches the eye and holds attention. Too much can irritate the eye, but just enough can convey excitement and joy. Our Premium Percale Sheets in the shade Flame can be paired with a white or natural coloured quilt cover for just the right amount of pop! If you have red sheets, you have a bold personality and aren’t afraid to mix it up.


One of the easiest colours for the eye to process, green is gentle, calming and overall reminds us of nature. Lighter greens inspire great energy and growth, like our cotton sheets in Pistachio, whereas darker greens can convey tranquillity and peacefulness, such as our Premium Percale Sheets in Teal. If you love your green sheets, you enjoy a sense of balance and calmness in your space.


Blue can make us feel safe, whilst also being bold – if your preference is blue sheets, you may be someone who likes to make a statement and express your individuality. Our Premium Percale Sheets in Duck Egg are bold enough to stand out, but still soft paired with the right quilt cover.


It might seem boring on the surface, but whites, greys and beiges can all communicate a sense of calm and allow more room to play with colour in the rest of your space. If you have neutral coloured sheets, you value simplicity and elegance.


The design of one's bed sheets can offer glimpses into one’s personality and style preferences. Vibrant and bold patterns may indicate an extroverted and lively personality, someone who enjoys standing out and embracing creativity.

On the other hand, individuals who opt for minimalist or neutral designs might appreciate simplicity, calmness, and a sense of tranquillity in their surroundings. Floral patterns could suggest a romantic and nature-loving side, while geometric or abstract designs may reflect a modern and contemporary taste.

Ultimately, your choice of bed sheets, much like other elements of interior design, is a personal choice that allows you to express your unique tastes and create a space that resonates with your individual style.


Thread count:

The thread count of your sheets can indicate their overall quality and durability. A higher thread count typically means softer, more comfortable sheets that will last longer.

If you have a high thread count sheet, you are someone that values luxury and is willing to invest in high quality bedding.

Our Supima Sheets have a 600 thread count and are widely considered one of the finest cottons produced in the world, recognized for its overall softness, comfort and durability.


Whether you prioritise comfort, luxury, simplicity or individuality, there are countless sheet options to help you express your unique style and personality.

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