12 May 2023

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Join likeminded mums and girl bosses like yourself and create an income styling the life you love, while having time to spend with your family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mums out there! This year we’re celebrating all of the empowering women in the Lorraine Lea community who are kicking goals in their professional AND family lives.

Be sure to check out our Mother’s Day Edit for some gifting ideas for Mum (not just for Mother’s Day)!

Let’s hear from some of our amazing Stylists about why they love Lorraine Lea and being a mum:


Treena Downie, Stylist - Woonona, NSW

Hi my name is Treena and I have been a stylist with Lorraine Lea for 2 years but was previously a stylist 20 years ago. I love the flexibility that Lorraine Lea gives me to work around my kids’ school, sport, and their work schedules. Even when they were babies I could work when I wanted and not a 9-5 job meaning my family could be a priority and not the other way round. Happy Mothers day to all!

Lorraine Lea Stylist, Treena Downie

Renee Cook, Stylist - Barossa Valley SA

Hi my name is Renee, I’ve been with Lorraine Lea for 7 years and I’m a proud mum of 2 children aged 15 and 6 years old.  Lorraine Lea has brought the flexibility for me to be there for the moments that matter with my kids and take them on regular holidays. That wouldn’t have been possible without my income from Lorraine Lea!

Lorraine Lea Stylist, Renee Cook

Leeann Caruana, Stylist – Altona Meadows, VIC

Hi, my name is Leeann Caruana. I joined the Lorraine Lea family in July 2021 while we where in lockdown in Victoria. I am a Mum of four amazing kids; Lela (17), Isabelle (13), James (9) and Grace (5). Plus, I have mum (73) and mother-in-law (86) who has Alzheimer’s disease and multiple heath issues and my husband John all under the one roof. I started Lorraine Lea because we were renovating our home - extending to an 8-bedroom house - and I needed new linen and didn’t want to pay full price. Who does, right? I never thought in my wildest dreams I would still be here almost 2 years later. I’ve built an amazing online business allowing me to be a Mum while having a career and helping support my family financially. All I can say is… give it a go! You have nothing to lose! There is so much support, and so with a little bit of work - so much to gain. Happy Mother’s Day!

Lorraine Lea Stylist, Leeann Caruana

Kim Lowe, Stylist – Geraldton, WA

Hi, I’m Kim and I’ve been with Lorraine Lea since 2015!  I love being a part of the Lorraine Lea family as it allows me to be home every day with the kids. The flexibility of when I work is a huge plus - the girls dancing and gymnastics schedule is crazy, so I need to always ensure I’m there, as well as being able to attend school functions such as assemblies and Mother’s Day services - I am not having to rely on someone to cover my workload or ask for time off. Extra money in the bank each week is nice too, whether it covers groceries/bills/holidays.

Lorraine Lea Stylist, Kim Lowe

Emma Menhennet, Senior Stylist – Ballarat, VIC

Hi, I’m Emma and I live in Ballarat Victoria with my 3 very busy boys and my partner Matt! When my second baby was just 4 weeks old, I realised how much I missed earning my own income (mummy money), and here I am 4 years later and absolutely LOVING this business! My customers I can call my friends, they become like family, to have the “adult interaction” back is the best feeling, when you’re a busy mum stuck at home! I love the flexibility that this job brings, I can work my own hours and my hours determine how much I get paid! I can work around the kids’ sports, appointments, and the school/kinder hours. I can work from my car, and I can work from our camp spot. I can work from anywhere!

Lorraine Lea Stylist, Emma Menhennet

Purdy Shelton, Senior Stylist – Cressy, TAS

I love being a Lorraine Lea Stylist… I’m a mumma to 2 farm boys (6 & 8) and I’m proud to say I’ve never had to miss a thing due to Lorraine Lea being so flexible in working whenever suits you. I’m also a wife of 11 years, I am a weekend farmer and I help run the day to day and the behind the scenes of our Kelpie Stud Island Kelpies.. and love the flexibility I have!

Lorraine Lea Stylist, Purdy Shelton

Jocelyn Coad, Stylist – Margate, TAS

My name is Jocelyn, we live south of Hobart. My husband and I own an equipment rental business, which at times can be very difficult and challenging. My LL Business is my down time, it allows me to be creative and put myself out there and just have fun. I work in such a male dominated industry; Lorraine Lea gives me that female interaction that we all need. We have little Matilda who is 8 and we live life to the full and always make sure that life is fun. As a family we love boating, fishing, sports, and adventure. And although life is so busy there is time for family but there is also time for me. I am very grateful to myself and very proud of my Lorraine Lea biz.

Lorraine Lea Stylist, Jocelyn Coad

There has never been a better time to join our Lorraine Lea community! Join likeminded mums and girl bosses like yourself and create an income styling the life you love, while having time to spend with your family.

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