15 September 2022

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

Choose products that match your colour scheme (including soap and shampoo bottles) for a seamless look and feel.

Bathrooms and ensuites can often be forgotten when it comes to home styling. Design a stylish and practical bathroom with our range of bathroom accessories.

Warm up with bamboo
Bathrooms can feel cold due to the number of hard materials in the space. The finishes in cooler white, blue, grey and chrome tones can feel even colder! Adding warm timbers will stop them from feeling uninviting and look fantastic.

Bamboo moments like floor mats, bath or shower caddy and even the humble toilet brush can elevate your space from sterile to snuggly in no time.

Style up your towels
More than just functional – towels can be an easy & affordable way to add texture, colour and layers to your bathroom or ensuite.

  • Layer them
    Style up a neutral bathroom by adding in a few pops of colour with your towels. Mix & match different patterns and textures by stacking different towels on top of each other or displaying them at different heights. Try our range of Cooper Towels. They’re available in several colours & textures with a unique design that adds another dimension of sophistication to your home.
  • Hang them
    Add dimension and colour to flat walls by treating your towels like pieces of art! With so many stylish hooks on the market, it seems like a crime to hide them away. Display several in a row for larger families or add two and offset them at different heights for couples.
  • Roll them
    Bring the spa vibes to your home by rolling your towels, stacking them on shelves, or popping them in a basket like Nora.
  • Fold them
    Some of the best styling ideas are often the simplest!

Fold and stack your towels on shelves, in cupboards or on the side of your bath. You can then style smaller items like mini soaps or hand creams around them to make your bathroom appear more luxe – hello, fancy hotel bathroom!

Add a little décor

The smaller accessories often add the most love to a space, and the same goes for your bathroom! Add a vase with fake florals for a pop of colour, an indoor plant (aloe vera, peace lilies, and snake plants all love a little humidity!), candles, reed diffusers or decorative soaps to your bench tops or window sills. These all work great to bring a little life into the room.

Top Tip: Choose products that match your colour scheme (including soap and shampoo bottles) for a seamless look and feel.

Explore our range of brand-new homewares, linen & décor to style your home your way!

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