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6 May 2022

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

You only live once, so do all the things in life that make you happy. 

Lorraine Lea is all about empowering women to style a life they love, and what better day to learn, share and gain motivation from some of our boss babe community than Mother's Day!




I have been running my own Lorraine Lea business in WA for the last 12 years. I started my career with Lorraine Lea to help pay for all the little extras for my Dream Wedding and haven't looked back since! I have two gorgeous kids who keep me busy with sports and after school activities. We live close to the beach and call Fremantle home. 

Who inspires you?
I look up to all of my friends that have built their own successful businesses in an industry they're passionate about. They love what they do and measure their success by the fun and energy they put into it. I believe we need to enjoy what we do as we work for such a large part of our lives. Without passion, it's just a job!

What advice would you give your younger self and, in turn, your children? 
I would say that you only live once, so do all the things in life that make you happy. 

My children's advice would be never to give up, chase those dreams, be a believer, travel, fall in love with being your true self, and don't ever worry what anyone else thinks of you. Just be you!

What is the quality about yourself that you are most proud of? 
The one quality I am most proud of is my persistence and determination to achieve personal and professional goals. 




I live in Tassie with my Husband Aaron and two children, Jacob and Jasmine.

I started with Lorraine Lea as a Stylepreneur in June 2020. The online option was fantastic as I spent a lot of time in Hospital with Jacob and had a lot of appointments with both kids. I have since stepped up to Stylist so I can start doing In-home and Online Events. The flexibility, support from Lorraine Lea, and the friendships with my team have been amazing and I'm so grateful to be able to earn an income while always being able to be there for my family.

We love to game together as a family in our spare time and love all things J.R.R Tolkien. Some of our favourites are Mario Party, Mario Kart and Risk of Rain 2.

Who inspires you?
My Son Jacob inspires me. At 15 years old, he has had 14 surgeries, is vision and hearing impaired, and has had countless obstacles along his journey. Even still, he does it all with a smile and reminds me that "It will be okay Mum."

What advice would you give your younger self, and in turn your children? 
"Nothing worth doing is ever easy" is a quote I live by every day!

Believe in yourself. You can achieve whatever you put your mind and energy into as long as you're persistent.

What is the quality about yourself that you are most proud of?
Being honest with myself. It has carried me through some very difficult and challenging times!




I live right in the centre of Victoria in Bendigo. I have an amazing husband who supports me in all things I do. He's funny and makes me laugh every day! Together we have two fabulous grown-up humans who have equally fantastic partners. I am a Nanni to Beatrix, who is only six months and our first grandchild. I travel to Melbourne to hang out with her each week, and she is another level of amazing! Our grand-dog Cooper comes here most days, and he's a great companion for 'zoom meetings' and helping me in the office.

Gardening is my passion. We live on 2 ½ acres with an orchard, greenhouse, veggie garden and an impressive (if I do say so myself) native garden. Mountain biking and walking on the local trail are my other two favourite hobbies (Cooper usually comes too), and I do them every week.

My Lorraine Lea business has given our family incredible choices and rewards for nearly 30 years. The highlight was a family European Holiday where we met up with my daughter and my dad in Vienna and travelled for five weeks. This is at the top of my happy stories! I've been privileged to work with a fantastic team of Leaders and Stylists who motivate me to keep striving in this business. We have everything we need to run a successful business with a fantastic team at our support centre!

Who inspires you?
Penny Wong, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. She's fair, controlled, and doesn't criticise as a defence. She's passionate about the Environment, Climate Change and Water. I find her an incredible female role model in business.

What advice would you give your younger self, and in turn your children?
Chill more, spend more time with your children and go on more holidays! Be proud of the work ethic you have.

Regarding my kids, they are great humans! Continue with the path you're on; you seem to have it sorted.

What is the quality about yourself that you are most proud of?
I'm loyal to those who matter to me.




My family and I live in Western Sydney, and I love that my business allows me to be a (very busy) stay at home mum while growing and developing my own linen empire!

Who inspires you?
My biggest inspiration would have to be my Mum. 

Having had ten children, losing 2 in infancy, surviving Cancer and other major medical conditions, AND THEN to be still able to laugh at life… she is simply amazing!

What advice would you give your younger self, and in turn your children?
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you'll fall amongst the stars" - Brian Littrell

Never be afraid to dream, to fail and fall. Your greatest achievements will materialise from stepping up and reaching for the goal. 

What is the quality about yourself that you are most proud of?
Patience and understanding that comes from tolerance and understanding of most circumstances and situations. I think that's more than one - but they all link together!


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