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27 May 2022

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

To keep decorating easy, always base your styling on the 'rule of three'.

Let's stack multiple cushions on the bed every morning, throw them on the floor every night, and repeat the process every day for no reason – Sound familiar?

With 35 years of experience in the Australian homewares space, we've noticed the existence of two very distinct types of people:

  • Those with a borderline cushion addiction
  • Those that despise the very existence of the humble cushion

To help keep peace in households and relationships everywhere, it's about time we discuss just how many cushions belong on the bed and how many is too many!

Odd numbers
As one of the most significant pieces of furniture in your home, your bed deserves its moment. Your quilt cover set and smaller decorative pieces like cushion covers and throws help show off your personal style and tie your home together.

To keep decorating easy, always base your styling on the 'rule of three'. This doesn't necessarily mean three items, but three decor moments. For example, your bedside table vignette might have a table lamp, two vases in varying shapes (try Indiana), and a stack of decorative books.

When it comes to cushions, arrangements look best in combinations of 3, 5, 7 or 9.

The basics
As a general guide, opt for the following amount of European Pillows, Standard Pillows and Decorative Cushions when styling your bed for a winning combination each and every time:

  • King
    3 x euro pillows, 4 x standard pillows, 3-5 x decorative cushions
  • Queen
    2 x euro pillows, 4 x standard pillows, 3-5 x decorative cushions
  • Double
    2 x euro pillows, 4 x standard pillows, 3 x decorative cushion
  • Single
    1 x euro pillows, 1-2 x standard pillows, 1 x decorative cushion

The jumping castle
Does your bed have so many cushions that it resembles one of those foam pits at a kids' play centre? Jump in, we say! There's nothing better than walking into your room and seeing a plump and plush fully made bed.

To ensure it stays inviting instead of overwhelming, stick to a colour palette, and use cushions in various shapes and sizes. There is no such thing as too many - it's all in how you style them!

Mix, match & rotate
Cushions are the perfect accessory to quickly change up the look of your bedroom in a super affordable way.

Try to invest in pieces you can mix and match with each other to create new combinations every time you feel like a change, without going out and buying a whole new house of decorative items each time.

As most of us struggle with storage, cushion covers are the perfect décor option because they take up barely any room in the cupboard and can be used in living and bedroom spaces. Simply swap your cushion insert over each time you want to change your look and only store the cover in the cupboard.

A bed without any cushions at all looks a little sad and uninviting. But on the other hand, the more you choose to add, the more getting into bed at night and making your bed in the morning can become a massive chore!

If your partner is stomping their feet at your cushion choices, get rid of your partner (haha, just kidding!). Instead of such drastic action, we recommend making your guest bedroom the star of the show instead of the bed you sleep in every night. You can live out all of your home decorating dreams while keeping harmony in the home. After all, relationships are all about compromise!

Happy styling.
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