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20 May 2022

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

The best part about styling your home is that it's yours. Have fun with it and try new things until you get the look you love.

Calling all the young and single men of Australia, it’s time to get better in the bedroom!
If your home resembles more of a fraternity bachelor pad then sophisticated space, this is the blog for you!

Give your uninspiring bedroom a touch of sexy, masculine style with our bedroom styling ideas for young single men. You’ll have a bedroom to impress in no time whether you prefer minimalist style, dark and moody vibes or a pop of colour!


Bedroom essentials

Just moved out of home for the first time and not sure where to start?
Let us help you create a bed softer than a cloud with our range of quality bedding.

Before you even start to think about colour schemes there are a few essential elements every bed should include. Not only will good quality bedding improve your sleep, but it can help keep nasty dust mites and germs away to ensure a healthier night’s rest.


  • Step 2: Protect
    Next, we need a layer to help keep your mattress clean and free from dust, sweat and germs. Our Coral Fleece Mattress Protector should do the trick!



  • Step 4: Cosy
    Not all quilts are created equal! It’s important that you choose a quilt that meets your sleep body’s needs such as the weight and warmth of a quality quilt. Browse our range here.


Don’t forget your perfect pillow and pillow protector, and wash your linen EVERY week!

Show us your chest

Ah, storage. Even the most organised, Type A personality never seems to have enough!

Add a simple chest of draws to your bedroom for additional draw space for clothes. Place a TV on top if you’re an avid TV Show and Movie fan or use it to display photos and artwork. Add bedside tables with draw or nook space to either side of your bed. Use it to hold a lamp (hello mood lighting!) and store books, socks and jocks, or to hide all of your other bits and bobs away.


Colour schemes

With so many designs available it can be hard to choose a favourite. Here are our top picks:

  • Minimalistic
    Unless you already have an interior style preference, keep it simple. This means choosing a neutral colour like black, white, or grey for your main colour scheme, and not going too overboard on accessories. If you prefer colour, opt for something without pattern.
    Our top picks? NOOK Elayna, Henley Jersey, and Austin Charcoal.


  • Dark & Moody
    If you prefer a dark and moody atmosphere, Mursa is your go-to!
    Featuring a simple pattern that isn’t too overwhelming it screams sexy masculine vibes. Add a Chester Lamp to your bedside table and you’re good to go.


  • Pop of colour
    For those that prefer a splash of colour, stick to a colour palette of blues and greens. This will create a relaxing atmosphere for your space for the ultimate place to unwind after a hard days work. Our top picks? Fraser, Harbin, Mimosa Indigo, Odisha or Hampton.


Get cosy

Nothing screams cosy like layers! Add a soft textured rug like Baxter to hard flooring for instant cosy vibes. A storage basket like Nora works great in corners to fill with blankets and throws for chilly nights too!

Show it off

Do you have a fun hobby or special interest? Then show it off by displaying your memorabilia proudly. Just remember the golden rule of ‘less is more’ and opt for frames instead of blu-tak and you’ll soon have a bedroom to be envious of.

It’s the little things

When styling your space you might want to think about designing it to accommodate another person and catering to their needs as well as your own. Think about convenient extras like a full-length mirror, and extra closet or bathroom storage space.


The best part about styling your home is that it's yours. Have fun with it and try new things until you get the look you love.

Explore our range of brand-new homewares, linen & décor to style your home your way!

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