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12 May 2022

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

When it comes to pairing this rich tone with sheets and decor, think warm rather than crisp, darker tones over white.

One of this year’s biggest colour trends is desert tones. Think warm shades with richness and depth. If you’re looking to jump on this colour craze, there’s a tonne of Lorraine Lea bedding and decor that’ll help you do it. Let’s take a look at how you can make this style shine at your place.


Taya Brandy

Lorraine Lea’s classic lands in a beautiful new colour - and it’s perfect for Autumn! You already know how textured and cosy the quilted and ribbed fabric on this set is, but adoring your bed with it in brandy adds more warmth than ever before.

When it comes to pairing this rich tone with sheets and decor, think warm rather than crisp, darker tones over white. In sheets, Premium Percale in Charcoal is a great idea. In decor, add in a few Indiana vases in Amber to bedside tables.

And don’t forget to spread the terracotta love across other pockets of your home. Meridian cushions and throws in this sumptuous tone look amazing on sofas and armchairs.



Lovers of a bohemian design style will find Arco a hard one to pass by. Not only does it evoke warmth and comfort, but there’s a wonderful sense of whimsy at play thanks to its considered pattern, which gives you interest without the overwhelm.

This is a strong tone you can happily pair with crisp whites to create a nice sense of contrast on your bed. Premium Percale Sheets in white are great, but also add in other light tones through stunning new Aspen cushions and throws.

Continue to channel the boho vibe with tactile accessories like the Cadence cushion, Morrisey Floor Rug and Carly Wall Hanger.



Now if deep tones aren’t your thing, you’ll surely find yourself drawn to the deliciously dusty pink shades in the Shani Quilt Cover Set. Not only does it offer up colour that’s easy on the eye, but it also gives you loads of textural detail (so cosiness is guaranteed!).

There are so many style directions you can take this bedding in. Keep it light and airy with Premium Percale Sheets in White, or bring in more terracotta tones to take it in an earthier direction. You could even pair it with darker sheets to evoke more mood if you wanted to.

A Serra Vase in Pink and a Arwen Lamp on bedside tables are my top picks to pair Shani with, but you really can’t go wrong with whatever accessories you bring in, because the light pink tone is so versatile.



Last but not least is the most dazzling quilt cover set of the lot: Lola. What makes this release so special is that it brings all of the desert tones together and lets them play simultaneously. It’s the trend of the year all in one place!

This colourful bedding set not only delivers softness and whimsy, but a sense of femininity - especially when you lean into the girly vibes! My top picks when it comes to pairing are Premium Percale Sheets in Petal and some Cadence Cushions in Primrose.

To balance out the pink tones, add in some Indiana Vases in Fern, ground the room with a few Arwen Lamps, and you’ll have created a stunning scene to cosy up in this season.

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