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10 March 2022

Written by Chris Carroll – TLC Interiors

What makes a cooler colour shine when decorating throughout the colder seasons is ensuring the piece in question is packed with plush texture.

A common theory in the world of interiors is that you have to decorate with warm colours in cold seasons. But that’s just not true. It really comes down to the tone of the colour, and how much texture you bring into the mix.


Here’s how to break all the rules and rock cool colours this season, for a bedroom that feels marvelously moody and a little surprising!


Celebrate Soft Teal Tones with Olivia

Left to right: Olivia Quilt Cover Set with Cotton Sheets in White, Serra Vase in Pink, Indiana 22cm Vase in Amber (released April)

Let’s start with a quilt cover set that’s soothing to the eye and soft to the touch: Olivia.


The chalky teal tones in this bedding evoke a sense of calm that bodes well for relaxation. And when it comes to softness, Olivia can’t be beat. The bamboo cotton in this set is so delicate on skin, making it the kind of bedding you’ll want to curl up in.


The double edge stitching on Olivia gives you some subtle detail, and allows you to bring in other decorative accessories that are equally embellished. Aspen Cushions and Throws in Sugar are a must here, and Cotton Sheets in Blush help add colour and contrast.


Evoke Earthiness and Depth with Harbin

Left to right: Solaire 28cm Vase, Harbin Quilt Cover Set, Noosa Cushion Cover, Meridian Cushion Cover, Cadence Cushion Cover (released April)

Is there anything better than feeling connected to nature? If you’re looking to do it in the bedroom, you can’t go past the new Harbin Quilt Cover Set in the most divine Dried Herb colour story. It’s rich and moody, yet still versatile enough to suit any and every bedroom scene at home.


You’re not just getting sumptuous colour here, but loads of texture as well. That’s thanks to the cotton matelasse front and fringing trim, which work to bring both interest and tactility.


You don’t have to reserve moody greens to just bedding either. Create a cohesive look across your home by adorning table tops with Indiana Vases in Fern, or adding a Cadence Cushion in Olive to style stories on armchairs and sofas.


Channel Opulence and Grandeur with Fraser

Left to right: Allegra Cushion Cover in Grey, Premium Percale Sheets in Pewter, Indiana Vases in Indigo & Amber (Amber released April), Fraser Quilt Cover Set, Aspen Cushion Cover & Throw in Grey (released April), Mimosa Cushion Cover, Marbella 17cm Vase

What makes a cooler colour shine when decorating throughout the colder seasons is ensuring the piece in question is packed with plush texture. Fraser does just that. It’s a quilt cover set that evokes opulence, giving off a feeling of understated grandeur.


It’s the micro cord quilting that makes it feel that way. It looks refined with all of its delicious stitch detail, and is even more impressive to the touch. This is a thicker, cosier quilt cover that’s going to give you plenty of warmth for years to come.

Because the colour here is so opulent, you’d be wise to pair it with other tones that compliment it rather than draw focus away.


Indiana Vases in Amber provide a beautiful sense of contrast, while Premium Percale Sheets in Oyster and Cadence Cushions bring warm neutrals into the mix - the perfect supporting palette to this rich, moody quilt cover set!



*Aspen, Cadence and Indiana accessories will be available on Friday 1 April.
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