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30 June 2022

Written by Chris Carroll – TLC Interiors

Choosing a design like Florence is a wise move for colour lovers who want to keep their bedroom invigorating throughout the cooler months.

With the cold weather ever-present, now is the time to turn up the texture at home. This winter, there’s a number of materials you’d be wise to include on your bedscape, so let me reveal my top four touch-me textures you need to get all over below.


Ultrasoft Jersey

Who doesn’t love sleeping in their fave comfy T-shirt? When you adorn your bed with a jersey quilt cover set, that’s exactly what you get; endless snuggles to ward off the cold.


Embrace the beautiful Audrey Quilt Cover Set this season and you not only get cosiness, but a sumptuous colour story to brighten your bedroom.


Pair it with some Jersey Sheets in Primrose and some Leon Vases in Blush and you’ll have created a soothing sanctuary you can unwind in over winter.


Quilted Velvet

Nothing says cold-weather luxury quite like quilted velvet. Soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, it’s a design that adds extra warmth to your bedroom. The stitch detail also creates a dazzling diamond pattern, adding interest to your bedscape in a way other sets can’t.


Choosing a design like Florence is a wise move for colour lovers who want to keep their bedroom invigorating throughout the cooler months.


To ensure you create a sense of balance with a beauty like this one, marry her up with some Premium Percale Sheets in oyster and add in some Aspen Throws in Sugar to keep the look calm but cute.


Embossed Pinsonic

It’s only natural to want more weighted bedding on a cold winter’s night, which is why Lorraine Lea have delivered embossed Pinsonic goodness in their new Winston Quilt Cover Set.


The colour story here is a dark and moody one, with the strong diamond print allowing you to make a bold statement with pattern on the bed. The embossed nature of this quilt cover set brings instant depth and dimension to a space - the perfect antidote for a dreary winter’s night!


To complete the look successfully, match Winston up with some Cotton Sheets in Silver to keep the look monochromatic, and then add in a Feathertop Throw in Grey to add tactility.



Quilted Stonewash

If you’re after a bedding set that strikes the perfect balance, you’ll want to embrace quilted stonewash this season. The stitch detail in the quilted design keeps the overall look strong and sturdy, but the material itself is incredibly soft to the touch.


Not only does it feel great against the skin, but the stonewash fibre just gets better with every wash, making it a texture you can enjoy for many winters to come.


Lorraine Lea’s new Oliver Quilt Cover Set is a winner for lovers of a neutral bedroom palette, especially when paired with Cotton Sheets in White. If you’re keen to add in a splash of colour though, try soothing blue accents in pieces like a Willow Throw in Azure and an Allegra Cushion in Turquoise.

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