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21 July 2022

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

Based on a single colour, a monochromatic colour scheme uses various shades, tones and textures to create a sense of differentiation within a space.

Do you love a monochrome moment?

It's one of the easiest ways to create a harmonious look in your home, with endless possibilities from subdued to statement-making!

Based on a single colour, a monochromatic colour scheme uses various shades, tones and textures to create a sense of differentiation within a space.


Choose your colour palette

A monochromatic space is a lot more than just black and white. Depending on the feel you're after, you can also use a warm colour palette! Simply choose your favourite colour to be the base and decorate with shades of the same colour for a space to impress. A colour that complements your home's existing furniture, materials or appliances will work best.

TOP TIP: Monochromatic colour schemes can make it easier (and more affordable!) to change your décor whenever you like. By painting your walls in neutral colours and choosing furniture pieces in similar shades, you have created a base to layer colourful throws, cushions, quilt covers and vases that can be switched out as the seasons or your tastes change.


Build your base

Once you've selected your base colour, you can then start adding a range of shades and tones in the same family. Large furniture like your bed or couch are great items to have upholstered in your base colour to reinforce your palette. Smaller pieces like bedding can incorporate the hues of your palette to create your overall look.


Add texture and pattern

An interior all in one colour can look a little dull or flat, so that's where texture and pattern come in! Texture and pattern will add interest to your space and break things up, so it doesn't all blend into one another.


Add a little contrast

Monochrome enthusiasts will likely say "no" to adding a colour that strays from your designated base. However, adding a pop of colour in small doses can help to give your interior an added boost.


Monochrome inspiration

Get the look at home with these monochromatic bedroom styling ideas:


Grey -
Winston Quilt Cover Set, Feathertop Throw, Allegra Cushion Cover and Chester Table Lamp

White -
Noosa Quilt Cover Set, Aspen Throw, Aspen Cushion Cover and Solaire Vase

Blue -
Fraser Quilt Cover Set, Mimosa Cushion Cover, Aspen Throw, Aspen Cushion Cover and Indiana Vase.

Terracotta -
Arco Quilt Cover Set, Cadence Cushion, Aspen Throw and Indiana Vase.

Pink -
Florence Quilt Cover Set, Ashley Throw, Cadence Cushion and Leon Vase

Green -
Harbin Quilt Cover Set, Cadence Cushion, Indiana Vase, Meridian Throw and Farrah Wall Hanger.


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