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15 December 2022

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

Make a list of ‘jobs’ that need to be done before the big day and another for the day – and then pop a family member’s name next to each task – you can’t do everything! When someone asks if they can help – give them a job.

While some hosts will stick their hands up time after time to cater to their extended families, for most, hosting Christmas Day can be filled with stress and pressure.

From unexpected guests to all the grunt work placed upon you, hosting can turn a joyous day into a nightmare!

If you’re in desperate need of some ideas to survive the Christmas Day rush, we’ve got some handy tips for hosting the best day yet:


Budgeting and delegating

So, you’ve graciously offered to have guests into your home for the day - however, that doesn’t mean all the prep work should fall on you!

Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones to bring a plate, which can reduce costs and the amount of cooking required on the day.

Make sure you have enough bench/fridge space to fit everyone’s dishes!

Don’t stick to only food items. You can ask your family to bring bonbons or napkins to make the day go as smoothly as possible.


Plan ahead

Rushing around and being flustered as the host will only project onto your guests, making for an intense environment.

Make sure you write a list of who’s bringing what, so you don’t forget anything and avoid the last-minute dash to the shops!

If your guests bring a dish and whatnot, this leaves more time to decorate! You can even start laying out decorations and the table setting a few days before if you want to be super organised!


Skip the paper plates

We all know that dishes are the last thing you want to do after a big day of socialising, but it is the holidays after all – what better occasion to get out your finest china and silverware?

Make the most of your Christmas table by adding height with our range of serving platters.

Look at our kitchen range for stunning glassware options perfect for Christmas Day.


Lorraine Lea Stylist Rebecca of team ‘Luminosity’ gives us her best advice for hosting Christmas Day: 

“One of my biggest tips for hosting guests is to keep it simple & no stress on the day!

Each year we have a themed dining setting & this year, we have an Island Oasis theme with the Hayman Tablecloth, Ariel Placemats, Porcelain White Salad Bowls & Rose Aurora Tumblers.

The biggest compliment as a host is when our guests share their fantastic sleep thanks to Lorraine Lea’s linen & the special little touch of receiving an exclusive Microfibre Face Cloth & chocolate on the pillow to make them feel right at home!

Above all else, we have one simple rule, enjoy, and make yourself at home!”


Lorraine Lea District Leader Sharon of team ‘Glamour & Glitz’ gives us her expertise for hosting the holidays:

“If you are entertaining over the Christmas season, make sure you prepare as much as possible before your guests arrive – so that you can enjoy their company and not spend the entire day in the kitchen!

Pre-prepare as much of the food and drink as you can. Tables can be set days before, have your playlists ready, find your Christmas themed plates, glasses, and platters, and have them stacked in your kitchen, so they are easy to get to on the day.

Make a list of ‘jobs’ that need to be done before the big day and another for the day – and then pop a family member’s name next to each task – you can’t do everything! When someone asks if they can help – give them a job.

Relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends – it’s a special time of year – you deserve to celebrate!”



Being a host can be stressful but remember that this is a holiday! Whether with a glass of wine or simply going into another room and taking a breather, if you are relaxed, your guests will be too!


Check out our seasonal entertaining range, where you can find plenty to shop, from kitchenware to the perfect stocking fillers!

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