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28 April 2022

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

It’s important to change your bedding regularly, including investing in a good mattress protector to keep everything as fresh as a daisy!

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who make their beds every morning and those who leave them in a chaotic, tangled mess until they get back into bed to sleep at night.

If you’re the latter, it’s time to neaten up those sheets! Here’s why:


Routine matters

Something as simple as making your bed each day can lead to better positivity in your everyday life. Sticking to a simple task and making it part of your morning routine will help you feel more in control so you can become your best self and style your life your way – every day!  

Healthy sleep

Healthy Sleep
Left to right: Cotton Sheets in White; Coral Fleece Mattress & Pillow Protectors.

Your environment directly impacts your sleep. Your environment includes the noise, lighting, temperature, and all-important texture. Twisted and tangled sheets surprisingly do not equal a good night’s sleep!

Straightening up your bed in the morning can also prevent any extra dust, dirt, or pet hair from joining you in bed (yuck!). By straightening your bed, you’re less likely to bring on any allergies that could be avoided. It’s important to change your bedding regularly, including replacing your pillow about every two years and investing in a good mattress protector to keep everything as fresh as a daisy!  


Who knew that making your bed in the morning could improve your mood. Having a clean and tidy home makes for a more relaxed space where you can rest and unwind at the end of the day.


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As one of the most significant pieces of furniture in your home, your bed has the power to make or break your space. The quilt cover set and small details like cushion covers, throws, bedside lamps and vases all help show off your personal style.

An unmade bed can make your otherwise clean room feel chaotic, and the little details that make your house feel like a home end up lost. It doesn’t need to look like something out of a magazine, but a simple straightening of your sheets, throw of your quilt and fluffing of your pillows can make all the difference.

Quick & easy

If you hit the snooze button even once before you get up, you have time to make your bed.

How you style it is up to you, but here is a rundown of the bed making basics:

Step one: Remove your pillows, and peel back your quilt, any blankets and top sheet

Step two: Straighten and tuck your fitted sheet under your mattress

Step three: Pull up and straighten each bedding layer from the bottom up, and tuck in the sides as required

Step four: Add your pillows, cushions and throws to your freshly made bed

Step five: Enjoy a cup of coffee before your day ahead! You’ve earnt it.

Explore our range of bedding for the perfect night’s sleep (and stunning bedroom designs) here.

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