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23 September 2021

Written by Chris Carroll – TLC Interiors

There are, without a doubt, some tried and true methods you should follow when decorating.

Classic Hamptons Style


This is the look most of us envisage when we hear the word ‘Hamptons’. It’s a more traditional approach that celebrates colour without going crazy, and embraces many literal style cues.


On the colour front, the classic Hamptons aesthetic is all about the coming together of deep blue and crisp white. It’s that bold colour contrast you want to embrace. Layer navy or indigo over a white backdrop and avoid lighter blue tones to really channel the vibe.


Outside of colour, you’ll also want to showcase high-impact patterns, so don’t be shy when it comes to your bedding. My top pick for this season is the Odisha Quilt Cover Set; it really packs a punch and feels visually invigorating, but isn’t overwhelming in the room.


You could also celebrate the classic Hamptons style on your bed with a Hampton, Portsea or Mimosa Indigo quilt cover set. All three are amazing. 


Layering a throw like Calais on top of the bed is a really nice way to control how much of the pattern you see day-to-day as well. And don’t forget to decorate bedsides with Leif Lamps and accessories that feel obviously coastal in design. I love the Indiana Vase!

Subdued Hamptons


Not everyone loves a bold interior design scheme. That’s why the Subdued Hamptons approach works so well. You still have a blue and white colour combination going on, but the blue is far calmer in tone, so the entire scheme is quite easy on the eye.


To get this look right, you’ll want to reduce the high-impact pattern you saw first in the Classic Hamptons style. Instead, include a softer block colour on the bed. You’ll find the Taya Quilt Cover Set in Denim is perfect for this. There’s still texture in the quilt cover set, so it feels sumptuous and welcoming, but it’s a far more relaxed vibe with less visual drama.


You’ll also notice that grey makes an appearance here, in pieces like the fabulous Allegra Cushion Cover, a Cotton Sheet Set in Silver, and the soft-as-ever Ashley Throw Rug. All of these inclusions are a really nice way to warm up the scene and make it feel more tonally diverse.


Styling with smaller accents should still feel nature-inspired, but less literal with the coastal references. Try a Luminous Vase on your bedside table to finish off the look.

Tropical Hamptons


The Tropical Hamptons style is a really nice blend of lush and moody. You have those blue and white tones going on, and it’s a high contrast moment, but when the backdrop is darker the whole scene suddenly feels richer and more sophisticated.


There’s still a decent sense of fun at play thanks to the leaf motif across the Flinders Quilt Cover Set. But notice how there’s an injection of Turquoise and green tones too? These colours give you Hamptons vibes but in a refreshing, unexpected way. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to hue at home.


This is also a nice example of how you can make Hamptons work even if you have a darker palette in your room. You just need to take it in a tropical direction - with a few pops of brass here and there - to make it shine. Chester Lamps, with their luxe gold base, are a genius idea.


Keep soft furnishings in this look tactile, with moments like fringing and tassels, and you’ll have pushed the scheme in an even better direction! A Farah or Josie Wall Hanging would be right at home here.

Mix and Match


The best part about these Hamptons looks is that you can mesh them together to create your very own unique style story.


In spaces like a living room you can blend tones of blue, grey, white and gold and it’s going to look amazing. The Marbella Vase, for example, plays so nicely with an array of cushions from the Lorraine Lea range in a zone line a living room.


And in spaces like your bathroom, all you need is some bold blue in a set of towels, like Cooper, and you’ll have created a sense of cohesion as you move from one space to another.

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