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8 October 2021

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

It’s almost time to meet the new bundle of joy, and that means it’s the perfect time to throw the beautiful mum-to-be a Baby Shower.

Your guide to hosting the perfect Baby Shower.

Planning the perfect baby shower starts with staying organised and ensuring you have enough time to make everything come to life. So, please sit down, pour yourself a coffee and grab a notepad because it’s time to start planning!


1. Set the date

Before you can get into all the fun details, let’s pick a date!
You’re going to want to ensure you pick something well before the baby’s due date, just in case they want to make their entrance to the world early. Plus, mum-to-be will be a lot more comfortable at the 34-week mark (or earlier) than right before she’s about to pop.


2. Choose a fun theme

Baby shower fun theme

As the Host, you’ll want to consider every detail to ensure the celebration stays true to the mum-to-be’s personal taste and style. Consider her favourite colours, decor style, and hobbies. You can also pull inspiration from her nursery ideas to guarantee she’ll love her baby shower theme!


3. Prepare a guest list

Create a list of who you need to invite to ensure no one is missed. We recommend using Microsoft Excel or a table so you can easily add in email addresses, postal addresses, and a column to mark off when someone has RSVP’d.  


4. Choose a venue

Now that you know the vibe you’re going for and how many people are invited, it’s time to select a venue to hold the event. Whether you choose to do it at home, in a park or at a hired event space, we’re sure the mum to be will love it!

Planning a virtual baby shower?
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5. Organise a Gift

Baby gifts
Left to right: Cot Sheet Set, Pawfect Feeding Set, Elephant Wall Art, Dinosaur Rattle.

Whether you choose practical essentials like Cot Sheets, Baby Blankets and Feeding Sets, or opt for something fun like a stunning Art Print, Soft Toy or Standing Animal, Lorraine Lea has the perfect Kids’ & Baby gift ideas.

Get the mum-to-be to pick some of her favourite products and create a registry for guests to shop, making the gift-giving process easy-peasy!


6. Send out invitations

Now that all the necessary details are organised and the venue is sorted. Let’s invite your guest list! How you ask people is up to you. Create a Facebook Event, send out an email or text message, or opt for a postal invite.


7. Plan the menu

If your event is at a hired venue, you might be able to cross this one off your list! Otherwise, you have a few options to consider when it comes to food and drinks:


Opt for catering - Let someone else take care of the hard work! All you need to do is pick from the delicious options available to order.

DIY- Normally the cheaper option of the two but will require you to roll up your sleeves and recruit a little help! Head down to your local supermarket or order online. Get everything you can in advance like crackers, chips, and lollies, but leave the fruits, vegetables and deli items until the day of or the day before to keep them fresh.

TOP TIP: the mum-to-be and any pregnant or nursing friends are careful with certain food choices and avoid alcohol. Make sure you have supportive options and vegan and gluten-free foods for those who can’t or choose not to eat certain things.

We recommend selecting easy to pick up foods like a charcuterie board, sausage rolls and pies, fruits, chips, chocolate, iced biscuits and cupcakes! But of course, your theme and time of day may impact what you serve.


8. Get the decorations ready


It isn’t a party without decorations! Stick to your theme and remember it is possible to decorate on a budget. DIY balloon arches and bunting are perfect options that look fabulous but won’t cost you a fortune. Pick up a couple of vases for the tables and add some flowers from the garden for that extra little touch!


9. Plan some games

Baby Shower games are a lot of fun and are a great way to get guests who don’t know each other to mingle. We recommend 1-3 games as guests will still want time to catch up for a chat and relax with the mum-to-be. Are you stuck on ideas? Use Pinterest for a bit of inspiration!


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