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14 October 2021

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

...the thought of being my own boss and all the freedom and flexibility that comes with it started to sound more and more appealing.

Life can get overwhelming when we're trying to raise a family, earn an income, keep our houses tidy and somehow, manage to catch up with friends and get 8 hours of sleep a night as well!


Achieving that work-life balance so many people talk about may seem like it's always eluding you, but stress no longer. We sat down to chat with one of our Boss Babes about how she manages to balance her life. She runs her own successful Lorraine Lea biz and raises a family (of 7 kids!):


"Hello! My name is Annette, Team Leader of Lette's Go! I started my Lorraine Lea journey back in June 2014. 


Before jumping on board and stepping into life as a Lorraine Lea Stylist, I held a part-time managerial role in logistics. I really loved my job and was good at it! I had worked at the logistics company for seven years and reduced my hours once returning from a 12-month maternity leave break.

A lot changed in the year that I was away. There were staff and responsibility changes, and as the weeks ticked by, I was seemingly handed more and more workload. I took on hours of unpaid overtime while also managing a busy household with hubby Phil and our five kids.


It was time for a change, and I resigned without notice - not knowing where to go next.

I had been a Lorraine Lea customer and regular host of my Stylist, Michelle, for five years. She would offer me joining information almost every time we met. For all those years, each time she offered, I would say "Maybe" or "Not right now" or "This sounds great, but I just don't have time". 


In comparison to the awful conditions I had just walked away from, the thought of being my own boss and all the freedom and flexibility that comes with it started to sound more and more appealing. Being able to earn more if I worked (partied) more AND the fact that Phil and I had booked a family holiday that was yet to be paid for made me contact Michelle and say, "OK - I am ready!"

What did I have to lose by giving it a go? NOTHING!

I'd now be earning my income on MY terms - that was the most attractive perk in the beginning.

I started my business with the logic that if I could earn just $150 a week, that would be the equivalent to what I ended up taking home from my logistics job once our day-care and after school care fees were paid for anyway.

With a strong start at my very first event, I had more disposable income in the first two weeks than we had had in a long while. I was contributing my share to our family income plus loads more!

Suddenly, we had no more after school care fees and reduced day-care fees to pay.
In the first four months of starting my Lorraine Lea business, I saved $8000 to pay for our entire family holiday!


The biggest positive change was my lifestyle! I had a whole lot more free time and brain space.
I was now able to be a stay-at-home Mum, do the school pick up, not worry about taking a leave day when they were sick, and I could be there for special school occasions.

Other wonderful things that my business has been able to afford for our family are overseas school trips for my boys, cars, short trips and weekends away for Phil and me, a bigger home and a whole lot of pride!


Since starting my Lorraine Lea business, Phil and I have added two more darling daughters to our tribe, making seven kids all together. A standout part of being my own boss is the example to our kids. No matter what you set your mind to - you can achieve! When you have focus and the tools you need to get going, the sky is the limit!


I love that being part of Lorraine Lea means that you are recognised and rewarded just for doing a great job! Have you ever been sent a handwritten "well done" card in the mail from your CEO for milestone achievements or for just being good at what you do? THAT is one of the simplest but most meaningful experiences that I have had during my time here.


As a busy mum, wife and woman, the time versus earning factor (hourly rate) is now more important to me than ever. There is NO WAY I would find traditional employment that gives me the choices, rewards, freedom, lifestyle and finances that my business brings, particularly without having qualifications or a degree.


I can confidently say that I am now working just a few more hours than I did in my part-time logistics job.... but I am earning WAY more (most times equivalent or more than a full-time salary), and I have so much more confidence and belief in myself. 


Being able to successfully work and grow my business at home during lockdowns (with seven kids!) with the continual business guidance and support, my business and my personal income are the biggest they have ever been! The continual system improvements and the input of our Stylists and Leadership Team has helped Lorraine Lea make results like this possible, and it is within reach of everyone who wants to take it. 


I am forever grateful that Michelle offered me this opportunity all that time ago (over and over and over again for five years!) and that our Company, Lorraine Lea, is one of the leading direct sales companies in Australia. Built on family values and with the mission to make a positive difference in the lives and homes that we touch. A mission that is fulfilled on a daily basis and that has without a doubt been accomplished here in my life and our home."


Want to create an income doing something you love?
Find out more about becoming a Lorraine Lea Independent Stylist.

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