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4 November 2021

Written by Chris Carroll – TLC Interiors

A stone or pebble print in something like bedding is a more subtle way to give a nod to your garden without going full-throttle.

Here are some clever ways to blur the lines between indoor and out using an array of decor goodies for Lorraine Lea.


Let Leaf Motifs Dominate

Pictured above: Greenwood Quilt Cover Set

A good starting place when updating rooms for spring is to take colour cues from your garden, and green is the obvious go-to. Look to deep, rich tones over brighter zestier ones and you’ll create a space that feels cool, calm and earthy.

A quilt cover set decked out in a leaf pattern is a no-brainer as well. It’s going to give you literal garden vibes, which is just what the decor doctor ordered. The best option here is the luscious Greenwood Quilt Cover Set. It comes with coordinating euros and cushion covers, plus you can pair it with sheet sets in lighter tones like White or Oyster, or go dark with Black instead.

Pair Greenwood with natural oak furniture and lots of greenery on bedside tables, alongside tactile Leif Lamps, and you're on track to an internal zone with beautiful external vibes. 


Floral Patterns are a Must

Floral Patterns
Left to right: Alyssa Quilt Cover Set, Netta Quilt Cover Set

Leaf motifs are beautiful, but it’s hard to pass up floral patterns in places like bedding. They feel quintessentially spring and really lift the look of a room. Lighter quilt cover sets like Alyssa,

Kimba and Camila will all shine here, but there is a more unexpected approach you can take.

There’s no reason you can’t head in a moodier direction this season, and bedding like the Netta Quilt Cover Set proves it. Of course, we’ve got the floral pattern at play, which blurs the lines between indoor and out, but you’ll notice that the base colour is a rich black. This gives you the best of both worlds: dark meets light, masculine meets feminine. And of course, it’s ideal for spring!

Keep the bedding dark and floral, with the other pockets of the room organic and textural, and you’ll have a space that doesn’t feel too heavy or too light; the perfect balance as the weather gets warmer!


Think Outside the Box


We’ve got the leaf and floral motifs taken care of, now it’s time to think outside the box a little when it comes to patterns. A stone or pebble print in something like bedding is a more subtle way to give a nod to your garden without going full-throttle.

The Gemstone Quilt Cover Set is a favourite for this very reason. Not only is it a left-of-field idea for Spring (love the element of surprise here!), but it introduces more colour for those of you who like a bit of razzle dazzle. Plus you can pull so many colours from it to feature in artworks and other decorative moments around the room.

The sheet set possibilities you could pair with this are endless too, so you’ll be able to create so many different, personalised looks over time. Keep it earthy with Stone, classic with White, or colourful with Teal. You’re only limited by your imagination!


Bring the Indoors Out


So we’ve brought the outdoors in, now we need to bring the indoors out. And by that I mean: don’t neglect your alfresco zones during the warmer months!

There’s no reason outdoor furniture can’t be styled just as much as your indoor pieces are, and there are loads of ways you can make them more personality-packed.

Deck your table out with pieces from the new Sorrento range. It features placemats, a table runner, and tablecloth. The punchy colours are a fantastic way to add pizazz to your alfresco area, but it doesn’t stop there. Lounge zones can also be styled with Sorrento cushion covers, beach chairs, beach mats and more. Nothing says ‘fun in the sun’ quite like a tropical leaf design. 

Pictured above: Sorrento Collection

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