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25 June 2021

Written by Chris Carroll – TLC Interiors

You’re making some major mistakes in the bedroom. 10 in fact.

I’m going to unveil what they are, right here right now, and I’m crossing my fingers you haven’t made many of them at your place!


Mistake 1: Zero Euros

If your king bed doesn’t have three European pillows at the head of it, I’m not sure we can be friends. The same goes for two Euros for a double or queen, and one Euro for a single. This gives your bed a sense of grandeur and is an absolute must-do!

Mistakes 1& 2: Low Euro and Cushion Count

Mistake 2: Low Cushion Count

In front of your Euros we need four standard pillows and a minimum of three cushions. Nothing screams ‘unfinished bed’ like a low cushion count. More is more here; go five cushions, go seven, go nine – the sky’s the limit! And if your partner complains about the amount of cushions you’re collecting, buy more!


Mistake 3: Matching Sheets

Gone are the days of buying just a white fitted and flat sheet and calling is a day. I like to get two sheet sets in complementary colours so you can mix and match them on the bed. Go for a fitted sheet in white, for example and then a flat sheet in another light tone. Modern bed styling is all about showing off the sheets, so no more neglecting this important element.

Mistake 3 & 4: Matching Sheets and the Trapped Quilt

Mistake 4: The Trapped Quilt

I know in decades gone by the quilt was held prisoner under all of your pillows. But it’s now living a free life on the lower half of your bed. In fact, the more folded over/down on your bed the quilt cover is, the better. Give it room to breath, let it feel separate to your pillows arrangement. This approach shows off the sheets too and makes the scene feel elevated.


Mistake 5: No Throws

Mistake 5: No Throws

Possibly the biggest crime of all is letting your quilt cover lay naked on your bed. Not cute! I’m actually a fan of laying a blanket or coverlet over the full width of the quilt cover to ground it, and then draping a lighter throw on top in a more decorative fashion. And don’t stress too much about the throw. It’s called a throw: just throw it on! Your first attempt is often the best one.


Mistake 6: Lacklustre Lighting

Mistake 6: Lacklustre Lighting

Bedsides without matching lamps, pendants or wall sconces are a no-deal. But also don’t forget about a floor lamp in the corner of your space. It shouldn’t exactly replicate the look of your table lamps, but be from the same style family; think sisters, not twins. A table lamp on a lowboy or console wouldn’t go astray either.


Mistake 7: Hard Floors

Mistake 7: Hard Floors

If you’re into hard flooring, you’ve gotta lay a rug down under the bed. Feet on floorboards in the morning does not equal bedroom bliss. I love a rug in carpeted rooms too though; it adds more warmth to the space and gives you an additional layer of plushness. Pop one at the end of the bed, or roll one out either side of it. There are no hard and fast rules here.


Mistake 8: Vignette Voids

Mistake 8: Vignette Voids

We want lamps on bedsides, of course, but you need to take it a step further and create a vignette with at least two more decorative moments. A vase or ornament, a plant, a candle – you name it. Deck bedsides out, but also keep console tables or chests of drawers in mind too. Playing with vignettes in your bedroom is half the fun, so experiment until you find a look you love.


Mistake 9: No Ensuite Accessories

Mistake 9: No Ensuite Accessories

If you have an ensuite and you’re not matching your decor to your bedroom vibe, the style story is only half told. Team with the theme here and ensure pieces in your bathroom match the colours in your boudoir. Cohesion and consistency between rooms is what we’re aiming for, and something as simple as towels in a complementary colour is a good way to do it.


Mistake 10: Naked Mattress

Mistake 10: Naked Mattress

Last but not least, the naked mattress. If yours has a fitted sheet on it and that’s it, we have major issues. There are necessary layers that need to go on your bed before your sheet does. Namely a mattress topper, protector and underlay. Don’t be caught out here.


Hopefully your bedroom is relatively mistake-free, but if you need to solve a few style sins, Lorraine Lea has all the bedding basics, quilt cover sets and decorative touches you need to sort out your space!

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