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5 February 2021

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

Bamboo’s look is simple, elegant & understated – but did you know it has many benefits as well?

You can lay back & luxuriate knowing you have stunning bath essentials at your fingertips with our Luxury Bamboo Bathroom range.


Sustainable bamboo

Bamboo is a fast growing, sustainable material

As one of the fastest-growing plants globally, Bamboo is naturally resilient and needs minimal water to grow. It is pest-resistant and does not require pesticides or fertilisers to sustain its growth. Bamboo is also biodegradable meaning that it leaves no waste product behind and produces much more oxygen than most other plant species.


Benefits of bamboo in the bathroom

There are many benefits to using bamboo in the bathroom

Treated Bamboo does not absorb water, meaning that it won’t foster mould & mildew growth that can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers!

Bamboo bathmats are elevated off the floor, helping any water that drips through to evaporate quickly. Meaning water isn’t sitting all over the bathroom floor where someone may slip & fall. They also last a lot longer than a traditional fabric bath mat as they do not need to be put through the washing machine adding general wear and tear to the product over time.

Bamboo bath and shower caddy’s are easy to care for and look fabulous! The only maintenance is a quick wipe down if any shampoo or red wine spill.


The beauty of bamboo

Lorraine Lea's Bamboo Bathroom Range

Bamboo brings the beauty of nature into your bathroom and having that natural element in what is otherwise a tiled cold space, makes for a much calmer environment to relax and wind down. Try adding a few plants like aloe vera or a snake plant to enhance your space further.

Our Bath Caddy is a modern on-trend feature to any bathroom that not only looks good; it also ensures everything is kept safely in its place. Add to that our smart & stylish slat Bamboo Bath Mat which provides a good-looking natural alternative to a traditional bath mat. Then finish off the look with our convenient & stylish Bamboo Shower Caddy and Toilet Brush Holder giving your bathroom that designer touch!


Do you want one of our luxury Bamboo Bathroom Accessories for FREE?*

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