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19 February 2021

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

Is your linen threatening to tumble out every time you open the closet door?

No need to stress! Get an Instagram-worthy storage space in no time with our quick and easy guide to organising your linen closet.


Empty & clean

First, empty and clean your linen closet

The easiest way to give your linen closet an overhaul is to pull everything out and start from scratch. It will make it much easier, giving you a chance to see what you're working with and provide the cupboard with a proper clean with some trusty spray and wipe.



Declutter and donate unwanted items

Cut down on hardly ever (or never!) used items by making a linen and bedding pile to donate to a charity or animal welfare centre. The general rule is that if it hasn't been used within a year, it needs to go! There's no point keeping additional items that are just going to sit around collecting dust.

Tip: It's hard to sleep soundly when you know that there are millions of dust mites living & breeding in your bedding. Did you know that in the space of 1 year, your pillow can increase its weight by almost 10%? Replace your bedding every couple of years to keep everything fresh and healthy. You can view our range of bedding here.


Organise by category

Organise items by category

Once you've gotten rid of all of your unwanted items, start creating piles of bedding/towel sets, or types of sheets depending on your preference. You might want to sort these by size to make laundry day more manageable if you have several different beds in your home.

Tip: To keep sheet sets together, fold everything up and store them inside one of the pillowcase slips. Not only does it make everything neat and tidy, but you'll never have to rummage through a pile of linen for that missing pillowcase again!


Boxes, bins and baskets

Bins, baskets or boxes - the options are endless

The worst thing you can do is to lump all of your fitted sheets and flat sheets together. You'll have no idea which sheet fits which bed and your linen closet will likely end up in a mess again just from everyone trying to find the right item.

To avoid the headache, store and keep everything organised in boxes, bins and baskets! Baskets will keep everything grouped in neat little stacks instead of all the linen toppling over once you shut the cupboard door.

Tip: Invest in a laundry bag and place it at the bottom of the cupboard for all your miscellaneous items. You can view our range of laundry items here.


Label your linens

Label your linen storage

Put your label maker to good use and label your shelves or storage baskets with the sheet type and size. Labelling will make life much easier when matching your sheets to the bed!



Now that you have a minimised and organised linen closet, the trick is to keep it clean and tidy! We often place things in the linen closet that don't belong there because we don't have a home for them. Try to stick to the below items to keep your space pristine year-round!


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Is your linen threatening to tumble out every time you open the closet door?

Lorraine Lea

Lorraine Lea

Simply Home

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