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12 February 2021

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

A few well-selected cushions can add colour and style to any space. As a relatively affordable item, cushions are the perfect option to add a little extra to your home.

They’re easy to mix and match, and you can easily change up your home style whenever you feel like an update is needed. But with so many different designs and styling options, it can be hard to know where to start! We’ve put together a quick guide for choosing the perfect cushions for your home.



Understanding the colour wheel helps with decorating

For those with a neutral-toned home, cushions can be a fun and easy way to add some personality into your space. The more neutral the room, the brighter your cushions can be! The best part is that you can change your cushion colours depending on the season, holiday period or just because!

STYLE TIP: Try injecting two or three colours to add depth into your chosen space. The below colour wheel guide can help you to select which colours may work best together in your home:

  • Complementary colours: Any two colours opposite each other on the wheel
  • Split complementary colours: Take two colours opposite each other on the wheel. Choose one of these colours and split it into its two adjacent colours on the wheel leaving you with three colours to play with
  • Analogous colours: Any three colours next to each other on the wheel
  • Triadic colours: Any three colours that are equally apart on the colour wheel



Birds of Paradise Cushion Covers

Stripes and spots and florals and birds, oh my!

It’s no wonder why so many people shy away from styling with patterns. It can be confusing how to put them together without clashing designs if you’ve never tried before but trust us, it’s easier than it seems!

When done well, patterns can add a wow factor to your room. The trick is to keep them in the same style, colour and size, so they look cohesive.

STYLE TIP: Use just a couple of your favourite patterned cushions and break them up with cushions in solid colours to make them pop!

Our brand new Birds of Paradise Cushion Covers take you on a journey into the wild! Your couch will be bursting with inspiration for your next adventure.


Shapes & sizes

Lorraine Lea has a range of cushions in different shapes and styles

Rather than sticking with simple square cushions in the same shape and size, add a couple of different shapes to the mix to add that designer touch! Try using a combination of rectangular and square cushions on an L-Shaped couch, or a circular cushion on an armchair.

For a kids bedroom, why not try a novelty cushion like the Unicorn from our Splatter Collection?

STYLE TIP: Chop your cushions to make them look more inviting and less stiff! First, plump up your cushions, then using a karate-chop motion create an indent in the centre of the cushion. Hi-yah!


Fabrics & textures

There are plenty of different fabrics and textures in Lorraine Lea's cushion cover range

If bright colours and patterns aren’t your styles, you can always add interest by choosing cushions with different textures. This way, you can keep to a monochromatic theme, but not have a house full of bland, uninteresting decor! Use a fabric that has texture, or choose embellishments such as beading, tassels or embroidery.

Try a wool knit cushion like our Meridian Cushion Covers, a soft fluffy cushion like our Spencer Cushion Cover or a velvet material like our Velvet Cushion Cover.



It's all about finding balance with cushion arrangement

There are so many different ways you can arrange cushions depending on your style. Whether you prefer a couple of cushions for a touch of colour, or like to pile them as high as the sky, there’s an arrangement out there for you!

  • The perfect pair:
    Those with a smaller space or that prefer a minimalistic style nothing beats styling with two individual cushions. This arrangement makes for a simple, chic aesthetic. Style them by placing matching cushions side by side in the centre of the sofa with a gap in-between them, or add two cushions stacked at the end of your couch.
  • Finding balance:
    One of the most effortless arrangements and one of the most effective is the balanced or symmetrical cushion arrangement! Start with one central cushion, and then add matching cushions to either side. Depending on your couch’s size, you may choose to style with 3, 5, or even 7 cushions.

STYLE TIP: To add interest play around with colours, patterns and texture.

  • Layers upon layers:
    There aren’t many rules when it comes to playing with layers. Stack as many or as little together as you like! Using cushions in a similar style or texture will help to bring this look together.
  • Keep it central:
    Who says cushions must be confined to the ends of our sofas? Place cushions slightly away from the ends or in the centre of your couch instead! When using this arrangement, use a minimum of three cushions to add some balance to your arrangement.
  • Three times two:
    Trio cushion arrangements in opposing corners are a neat and tidy way to arrange cushions without them taking over! For a seamless look, think mirror image. Start with the largest cushion at the back closest to the couch’s edge and add smaller cushions to the inside. Then replicate the look in the opposite corner with the same cushions.


View our range of Cushion Covers here! Why not mix and match them depending on the look you’re after in your home. They are available in a wide variety of different colours, patterns, shapes and textures.

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