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10 December 2021

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

We recommend that if you sleep in your bed every single night, you should be changing your sheets at least once a week.

Is there any better feeling than sliding into your bed when it’s just been adorned with freshly washed sheets? The only thing we can think of that even comes close is throwing off your bra at the end of the day! But how often should we be changing our sheets?

We spend almost a third of our lives in bed, which means an accumulation of dead skin, dirt, and oil are more than likely starting to build up inside your much-loved bedding! Apart from sounding gross, this build-up can lead to skin irritations and aggravate asthma and allergies like hay fever.

The more you sleep in your bed, the more often you should be changing your sheets. Makes sense, right?! We recommend that if you sleep in your bed every single night, you should be changing your sheets at least once a week. Spending half the week at your partner’s place? You can probably push out washing your sheets to once a fortnight.

But there are a few other factors that may influence how often you should be changing your sheets:

The weather

From left to right: Supima Cotton sheets, Cotton sheets, Elayna Linen sheets

Generally, when the weather is warmer, we sweat more! So, sticking to changing our bedsheets weekly is essential. When it’s a bit cooler in Autumn and Winter, you can probably push it out just a little longer without having to worry about sleeping in stale sweat!

SLEEP TIP: Opt for breathable sheets, like, Supima Cotton, Cotton and French Linen, when it’s warmer to reduce sweat build-up and keep your body cooler.

Your sleep style

thermal balancing
From left to right: Thermal Balancing Pillow Protector, Thermal Balancing Mattress Topper, Thermal Balancing Quilt

Everyone sleeps differently - even when in the same type of bedding and climate. If you or your partner are sweaty sleepers, make sure you have a good Mattress and Pillow Protector and use thermal regulating bedding such as our Thermal Balancing range to keep sweat out of your mattress and pillows. If you’re a sweaty betty, you should be changing your sheets weekly, even when it’s cooler.


healthy fibre quilt
Above: Healthy Fibre Quilt

If you’re unlucky (like us!) and suffer from asthma or hay fever, make sure you change your sheets every week to avoid getting a build-up of any dust mites that can cause allergies to worsen. An anti-bacterial quilt like our Healthy Fibre Quilt can help too!

To keep your sheets soft wash after wash, here are our top tips:

  • Wash your sheets and pillowcases together. 
  • Make sure your pillowcases are turned inside out.  Use a small dose of laundry powder or liquid, then wash the sheets and pillowcases in their cycle using a cool or warm setting. 
  • Take note of your sheet’s material and be mindful of any specific care instructions on the label.
  • Shake and hang to dry in the shade (the harsh sun can bleach your sheets!).

Changing your sheets more often will leave you feeling comfy, clean, and, most importantly, healthy! Our extensive range has endless options to suit your room, your style, and your sleeping habits. Explore our range here. But first, please go and change your sheet

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