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18 September 2020

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

Did you know that after two years, a third of the weight of your pillow is made up of dust mites, dust mite skeletons and droppings, dirt, dust and dander? Gross, right?

If this makes the idea of laying your head on your pillow tonight a little less enticing, here are some tips on how to freshen up and look after your pillow:


Keep it clean

Clean pillows in the washing machine

Nobody likes a stinky pillow, but instead of replacing them when they are getting a bit fusty, your pillows can be washed fairly easily at home. Microfibre and Greenfirst® Bamboo pillows can go straight in the washing machine and should be washed according to the care instructions on the tag. It’s a good idea to wash two pillows at once to prevent your machine from getting off balance and pause the machine mid cycle after the first rinse to flip and rearrange the pillows to ensure all parts are thoroughly cleaned. Posture Sleep pillows should be hand washed to retain the shape of their foam core.


Dry them out

Sit pillows flat on a clothes airer or on the clothesline rather than hanging them from the corners to stop the fill falling to one end and clumping. Lie them in the sun for faster drying and deodorising and getting them outside on a windy day will also help to fluff them up. You can also put them in the dryer on a warm temperature. Whatever you do, make sure they are completely dry before using them again to prevent mould from growing inside.


Fluff them up

Fluff up your pillows

Your head is really heavy. The average human head weighs around 5 kgs – that’s the same as a medium sized bowling ball! It makes sense then that your pillow is going to flatten over time and not retain its original shape forever. If your pillow is made of polyester, Wool Blend, bamboo or any other fibre, you should fluff it up every day if you can.

How to fluff:

By hand: Grab the ends and push and pull until the pillow has fluffed up and stays plump and puffy.

In the dryer: Pop your pillow into the dryer on a warm setting and throw in a tennis ball tied up in a sock. The tennis ball will beat and separate the fibres and create air flow as the pillow is thrown around inside.


Protect your pillow

Coral Fleece Pillow Protectors

If you think life’s too short to spend it washing pillows, then don’t! Get a good quality anti-dust mite waterproof pillow protector that will keep your pillows looking and feeling fresh, make them last longer and protect you from the nasties that can live and breed inside a regular fibre pillow. A Coral Fleece Pillow Protector is a great investment as it protects from dust mites, moisture, dirt and dust and is a must for anyone who suffers from asthma and allergies.


No washing!

Memory Foam Pillow

If you really want a low-maintenance pillow, invest in one that you never have to wash at all! Pillows made from high-quality latex and viscoelastic (more commonly known as ‘memory foam’) don’t harbour dust mites or absorb moisture so don’t need to be washed. They can be wiped with a damp cloth (don’t use detergent) if soiled and should be aired out in the shade regularly. Our assorted Memory Foam and Latex pillows last for years and are very easy to look after.


Sometimes, the best solution really is a getting a brand new pillow, and we can definitely help you with that!

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