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20 November 2020

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

Outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to be complicated, and a little transformation goes a long way! We will share with you our tips to get you started this season.

Prepare in advance

Mow your lawn in advance

Create seemingly effortless entertaining by preparing most tasks in advance. Things like cutting up fruit, marinating meat and preparing punch can all be done the night before. Plus, don't forget to mow your lawn and remove any cobwebs that may have built up over the last few weeks! This will save you from any last-minute running around on the day of your event so you can sit back, relax and enjoy catching up with your friends.


Enlist help

Assign a couple of tasks to members of your family, so you have fewer things to worry about! Get the kids involved by letting them set the table or ask a friend to prepare something they can bring along on the day.


Keep it simple

Our Classica servingware range is perfect for outdoor entertaining

The easier you make items like food and drink, the more time you'll have for more exciting elements like party decorations and amazing music playlists!

A BBQ and salad always go down a treat, or pick a theme and have everyone bring a dish to share.

Set everything up at a self-serve station, so you don't have to spend all day running back and forth from the kitchen providing for your guests.

Shop our range of Kitchen products to serve your pre-prepared food & drinks in style!


Have a backup plan

Weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. It's always an excellent plan to have a backup option in case the storm clouds look like they're rolling in! Have a big umbrella on hand, an indoor party option or a covered outdoor space you can move to in short notice.


Indoor-outdoor flow

Bring to indoors outside

Allow yourself to get creative and bring the indoors outside!

Re-purpose your indoor items for your event by creating sections in your outdoor space. Arrange sections for people to lounge around on blankets and cushions, an area to sit around and grab a bite to eat, and a space for outdoor games like giant Jenga, Cornhole or Crochet. Provide plenty of seating by grabbing some chairs from inside; you can even drag a couch onto your lawn for a luxe garden party vibe and stylish selfie spot!


Cushions & Pillows

Our Daintree range is designed for outdoor use

Spice up your outdoor furniture by adding in a pop of colour with a selection of cushions and pillows! It’s a great way to make tired looking furniture look new and saves you spending up big on new tables and chairs. If your party has a theme, cushions can be a great way to bring it to life in a stylish but cost-effective way.

Our Daintree Cushion Covers are the perfect option to bring a tropical paradise to your backyard. Check out the other items in our Daintree Range like our table runner and beach chair to add a burst of on-trend green foliage wherever you take it!



Using a rug creates sectioned outdoors spaces

Don’t be afraid to put a rug outside – even on grass! This simple addition to your outdoor space helps to provide an instant room-like setting. They complete the look of your space by adding colour, texture and style! You can also use layered rugs instead of a picnic blanket to create an instant boho feel.

Shop our selection of rugs here.



Continue to the party into the night with a few throws

Throw rugs are effortlessly stylish draped over a chair during the day and become practical at night! They’re great to have on hand for when the sun starts to set, or the wind picks up, and it gets a little chilly outside. You can also use throw rugs on top of your table to instantly create a picnic-style vibe. Make it a little messy or place it on an angle to add a bit of dimension to your table setting. 

Our Ashley Throw Rug comes in several different colours to suit every theme you can come up with! Shop our full range of Throw Rugs here.



Bring an indoor lamp outdoor for mood lighting

Just like in your home, lighting can make or break an outdoor space. For a flattering glow, try to include at least three light sources. Hang fairy lights overhead or along your veranda, light up a fire pit and use a standing lamp like Bondi or Montreal on the deck!


Keep the kids busy!

Keep the kids busy with our fun playmats

If kids are attending, it’s better for everyone if they’re happily occupied throughout the party! A few simple touches can make all the difference. Why not try one of these fun ideas:

  • Set up a designated kid’s table with a butcher’s paper tablecloth and some texters! The kids can go wild decorating their tablecloth, and you won't have to chase them down when it’s time to eat lunch or dinner.
  • If you have a concrete path or patio, leave out a big bucket of chalk for the kids to draw with or use your own creativity to make a hop-scotch game or similar. Our Kids’ Chalk Range is a great way to keep them entertained at the kids' table.
  • On a hot day turn on a sprinkler and let the kids have a makeshift ‘pool party’.
  • Set up an outdoor cinema with a projector, blankets and cushions
  • If you’re planning your party in a park or other public space, try to find a location with a playground or sporting activities to keep the kids busy all day long!
  • Our kids’ playmats come in handy for all sorts of activities for younger kids. Let their imaginations run wild!


When the host is having fun, everyone has more fun! A little preparation and a little bit of help bringing everything together will result in an incredible day or evening with friends.

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