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1 June 2020

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

Crisp and clean

Go for a Quilt Design with a fringe like Serengeti and accessorise with large, square Euro cushions. Place these behind your regular pillows and finish off with a plain coloured throw. Instantly stylish.


Cushions colliding

Keep the quilt design and pillows neutral and plain and vary your cushion with a varied mix of patterns, texture and colours.


Match maker

The easiest way to ensure your bed matches is to buy a Quilt set – includes matching quilt cover, euro and cushions, with a complementing throw. You can even copy how it’s styled from the way it’s presented in inspirations! Keep the rest of the room quite plain, otherwise it will be too much.


Layer up

Add some luxury to your life with an opulent bed display. Use different textures such as satin, velvet and faux fur and layer up throws and cushions. Play around with your cushion arrangement and, for some added bling, add a couple of small embellished ones for the finishing touch. See the new idoho and Vaughan collection of faux fur animal print throw rugs and cushions.



For a bedroom that looks casual and cool, drape a thin, throw across the bottom of the bed and fold one corner of the quilt cover down at the top.

Whether you want minimalism or premium, there’s a style for everyone. Give your bedroom a stylish update with one of these arrangements.

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