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16 June 2020

Written by Lorraine Lea – Simply Home

BURRR!!!! Is it just us, or has winter come even earlier this year?

As the cooler weather sets in, we know how important it is to layer up our clothes to keep warm, but do you also make changes to your home decor?

There are some simple steps you can take to seamlessly transition your home from a summer entertaining space into a cosy, warm haven.

Step 1: Bring out the winter quilts and blankets.

There is nothing better than snuggling under a nice warm quilt on a chilly night. With the temperatures plummeting, it's time to retire the summer quilt for another year and replace them with your warmest winter quilt. You can add flexibility to your warmth level by adding a blanket or snuggly throw, such as our Spencer range.

Step 2: Swap the sheets.

A light cotton is a great, breathable fabric to have on your bed in the warmer months, but with the changing season, you should also think about changing your sheets. Flannelette is an age-old favourite and its soft, heavier, woven fabric offers extra comfort and warmth.

Step 3: Add a throw.

Everyone's guilty winter pleasure is to get settled on the couch under a blanket and watch a good movie... preferably with popcorn. Make sure there is always a throw rug handy by styling one over the couch arm. With the clever selection, your stylish throw can also be used as a blanket on occasions such as while working from home.

Step 4: Light a candle.

As most of us in Australia don't have an open fireplace in our homes, the closest we can come to the crackle and warmth of a fire is a gentle flicker of candlelight. By lighting a few candles in your home in winter, it will instantly add warmth and charm. Try some friendly fragrant candles like musk, vanilla, cinnamon or sandalwood to embrace that cosy cottage feel.

Step 5: Rug up your floor.

Hate stepping onto a cold floor on a chilly winter morning? Try laying down a stylish area rug with different textures such as woven, knotted and fluffy.

Step 6: Create a winter colour scheme.

Breakthrough the dull grey winter days by accenting your home in shades of warm mustards, rusts and olive greens such as our Meridian range. Try the eye-catching Wild Animal, Idaho and Vaughan ranges.

Create a winter colour scheme

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