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7 May 2019

Written by Chris Carroll – TLC Interiors

In years gone by, the word 'luxury' conjured up images of gold, brass, glass and marble. A luxe look was all about packing in as much bling and grandeur into your home as possible. But these days, a luxurious look - especially in the bedroom - takes on a completely different approach.

Now, luxury in the home is all about comfort; surrounding yourself with quality products made from exceptional materials. And thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it. That’s what makes Lorraine Lea’s brand new NOOK collection so phenomenal; it’s premium product that you can get your hands on at a much more affordable price when you host a Lorraine Lea party.

So let me tell you what makes NOOK so special.

quality materials

Hand-selected from across the globe, this new range is made from materials like European linen and Egyptian cotton; spread across sheets, quilt covers, towels, tableware and bedding.

The tactile fabrics come in a range of subdued colours, too, making this collection one that’ll bring a real sense of serenity and calm to your space.

tranquil bedroom vibes

There are three glorious bedding sets in the NOOK range that’ll give your bedroom a soothing but sophisticated feel. Each one has its own unique look, and there are plenty of ways to style them.

Elayna is a Belgian linen bedding collection that comes in three subdued shades; white, charcoal and silver. Soft to the touch, it’ll give your room a relaxed but elegant look.

A winning approach when it comes to styling this set is to mix and match the colours. It’ll make your bed feel layered and bring a little visual variance to your bedroom (without it being too visually jarring).

Milan is for lovers of a crisp white colour palette. But trust me when I say that it’s anything but clinical. Made from 100% cotton, Milan’s design mimics the look of hand-stitched quilts and also features padding; a great option for the cooler months and a fabulous choice if you want to bring a sense of timelessness to your room.

If you love bedding with a soft and silky feel, the luxurious Nile set is right up your alley. Made from a 625 thread count Egyptian cotton, it sports a subtle print in natural pastel tones. A euro pillowcase and a matching sheet set are also available, so you won’t need to stress about how to style this one - all the hard work’s been done for you!

NOOK also features the Barcelona cotton blanket and the 600 thread count Supima sheet set. Both can be paired with the three bedding sets to elevate the entire look in the room.

luxury across the home

Of course, the NOOK collection goes outside of the boudoir so your entire home can benefit from a relaxed sense of luxury.

In terms of tableware, look to gorgeous Normandy tableware in white, silver or charcoal. It’s made from sublime French linen and will bring a relaxed and luxe look to mealtimes.

Last but not least, the outta-this-world Manisa towel range is a must-have for your bathroom. Made from exquisite Turkish cotton, the bath towel, hand towel and bath mat all come in white, silver or charcoal, and they feature a beautiful Jacquard border to bring some extra detail and interest to the scene.

This season, why not create your own luxurious nook at home? If you keep the colours subdued and embrace premium materials, you’ll have created a contemporary luxe look that doesn’t try too hard - all without blowing the budget!

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