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rewards, recognition
& training
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more of a community than a company

Lorraine Lea is a community of like-minded business owners that lift each other up. We don’t look at other womens’ career successes and draw comparisons to our own. Here, you’ll make new friends and be surrounded by positive and infectious energy. Allow the inspiring achievements of women who are killing it in their own self-managed businesses motivate, inspire and encourage you.

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See the world at our expense

At Lorraine Lea, we work hard and play even harder! One of the many perks of being an Independent Stylist is the opportunity to travel the world for FREE with others who are running businesses just like yours.

Experience unforgettable escapes and lose yourself in the dizzying list of incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Make new friendships and lasting bonds that remain long after you arrive back home.

all stars conference

All Stars is not your average (yawn-inducing) conference.

The coolest and most talked about event on the Lorraine Lea calendar, Stylist's come prepared to experience a fully immersive multi-day experience. Filled with 100s of your peers, the event brings together influential local and international speakers, the most impactful presentations, scrumptious food and of course, giveaways, dancing and a wine or two! Ready to join a business that inspires and pushes you to reach the highest heights?

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the best training and support to grow your business

We’ve got your back! From the moment you start your business, you’ll receive immediate access to our online Learning Zone, group webinars, local team meetings, plus, one-on-one mentoring and free training with your Leader. When on the road, get a dose of inspiration by listening to our podcasts.

the best start program

At Lorraine Lea our aim is to get new Stylists off to the best start and inject a little extra “happy” into their first 90 days!

This is a 12-week learning program designed to help Stylist become skilled in the basics of their social shopping business: recruit, book, sell.

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party basics training

This is a blended online learning program for Stylists wanting to master the three skill sets: recruit, book, sell and learn how to advance and grow their business to its full potential.

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step up to success program

The Step up to Success program is an 8-week blended learning program to gain skills and confidence required to step up the ladder towards leadership.

It focuses on you and your fundamental role as a Stylist.

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enjoy a lifestyle that's fun, flexible and rewarding

leadership programs

What really makes Lorraine Lea stand out from others, is the value we place on our Leaders. We’re dedicated to supporting our Leaders, and providing them with the tools, personal and professional development programs.

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new leaders’ certificate program

A 3-day company-sponsored Leadership Development program designed to provide new Leaders with the skills and behaviours to go from being a top Stylist to a Leader of a team.

The program offers a supportive culture where our Leaders can grow together as they advance in their first 12-months of Leadership.

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ELITE online certification program

A company-sponsored program, the ELITE Leadership program is a web-based learning management system that consists of six modules, which can be completed over 12-months.

The program includes effective coaching and team-building exercises to expand and accelerate success, combining interactive activities with valuable self-reflection, personal coaching, and presentation of ideas that can be immediately applied.

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